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Matcha Pods

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Health Pods - Energy

Organic Japanese Matcha

Premium Organic Japanese Matcha without the whisks. Easy to make in a matter of seconds, let your Nespresso© machine do the hard work in creating a perfectly balanced, smooth Matcha shot.

Sustained Energy

The naturally slow released caffeine in matcha combined with 8 energising B vitamins provides a sustained energy boost without the crash.

100% Compostable Capsules

Made from a plant biomass, our plastic free pods compost within 6 months. Our pods can be thrown out with the food waste. Our pods are Aluminium and Plastic Free. We use full recycle cardboard packaging.

Nespresso© Compatible

Rejuvenation Water Matcha Coffee pods are designed for original Nespresso© machines.

Packed with antioxidants

Our organic, premium grade, Japanese Matcha is packed full of antioxidants and is rich in the amino acid, L-Theanine.

8 essential B vitamins

Each energy pod contains 50% RDA of 8 essential B vitamins, which contribute towards normal energy-yielding metabolism and promote the normal functioning of the nervous system.

Country Shipping Charges Country Shipping Charges
Argentina £4.99 Luxembourg £3.99
Australia £4.99 Malaysia £4.99
Austria £2.99 Malta £4.99
Belarus £3.99 Mexico £4.99
Belgium £2.99 Netherlands £2.99
Brazil £4.99 New Zealand £4.99
Canada £4.99 Norway £4.99
China £4.99 Poland £3.99
Croatia £3.99 Portugal £3.99
Cyprus £4.99 Russia £4.99
Czech Rep £3.99 Romania £3.99
Denmark £3.99 Saudi Arabia £4.99
Finland £4.99 Singapore £4.99
Estonia £4.99 Slovakia £3.99
France £2.99 Slovenia £3.99
Germany £2.99 South Africa £4.99
Greece £3.99 South Korea £4.99
Hong Kong £4.99 Spain £2.99
Hungary £3.99 Sweden £3.99
Iceland £4.99 Switzerland £4.99
India £4.99 Taiwan £3.99
Ireland £4.99 Thailand £4.99
Israel £4.99 Turkey £4.99
Italy £4.99 United Arab Emirates £4.99
Japan £4.99 United Kingdom £2.99
Latvia £3.99 United States £4.99
Lithuania £3.99    
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