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Keto Coffee Pods

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Keto Coffee Pods

Intense - Medium Dark Roast

+ Brazilian single origin 100% Arabica beans

Intense, sweet & fruity notes

Coconut MCT oil

Using natural coconut MCT oil powder, each pod contains 2g of fast acting MCT oil.

100% Compostable Capsules

Made from a plant biomass, our pods compost within 6 months.

Aluminium / Plastic Free

Nespresso© Compatible

Rejuvenation Water Keto Coffee pods are designed for original Nespresso© machines.

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What’s Keto Coffee?

Inspired by the original, Bulletproof© coffee, our energising Keto Coffee pods are enriched with MCT oil providing fast acting, easy to absorb fats. Each pod in this naturally caffeinated range contains zero sugar and 13 calories.

What is MCT oil?

Medium-chain Triglyceride (MCT) oil is a type of fat that is smaller than most of the fats you can eat. This makes them easier to digest and can be absorbed into the bloodstream quickly providing an immediate source of energy. Our MCT oil is derived from coconuts, making our pods fully Vegan.

Country Shipping Charges Country Shipping Charges
Argentina £4.99 Luxembourg £3.99
Australia £4.99 Malaysia £4.99
Austria £2.99 Malta £4.99
Belarus £3.99 Mexico £4.99
Belgium £2.99 Netherlands £2.99
Brazil £4.99 New Zealand £4.99
Canada £4.99 Norway £4.99
China £4.99 Poland £3.99
Croatia £3.99 Portugal £3.99
Cyprus £4.99 Russia £4.99
Czech Rep £3.99 Romania £3.99
Denmark £3.99 Saudi Arabia £4.99
Finland £4.99 Singapore £4.99
Estonia £4.99 Slovakia £3.99
France £2.99 Slovenia £3.99
Germany £2.99 South Africa £4.99
Greece £3.99 South Korea £4.99
Hong Kong £4.99 Spain £2.99
Hungary £3.99 Sweden £3.99
Iceland £4.99 Switzerland £4.99
India £4.99 Taiwan £3.99
Ireland £4.99 Thailand £4.99
Israel £4.99 Turkey £4.99
Italy £4.99 United Arab Emirates £4.99
Japan £4.99 United Kingdom £2.99
Latvia £3.99 United States £4.99
Lithuania £3.99    
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