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"Tired of 'health drinks' being packed full of sugar, artificial sweeteners and chemicals, I started Rejuvenation Water to provide clean, plant-based nutrition..."

Rejuvenation Water - Founder

At University, in 2007, balancing a degree with playing sport, socialising and working out, I searched endlessly for 'Health Drinks' for easy, convenient supplementation. Instead, I found over-processed tap waters packed with sugar, artificial sweeteners and offering only basic 'health' properties. So, after graduating, I set about creating my own, alongside my full time job. After spending 8 years refining the concept for Rejuvenation Water, a cancer scare, in 2013, gave me the perspective to quit my job. And so, Rejuvenation Water was born with the following principals:

"we have a social and environmental responsibility"

Whether we are providing eco-friendly packaging, giving back to society or mentoring the next generation, we have a commitment to give back.

“plant based functionality without compromising on taste or health”

Harnessing the natural health benefits of plants without adding artificial nasties

“innovate, disrupt, empower”

By working closely with our customers, we develop innovative and disruptive products, creating and leading future trends. It's our customers who have provided me with the inspiration for many of our product. I have spent 1,000s of hours sampling directly with customers and listening intently.

Kris's Favourites

Our Charity Commitment

To support the amazing work that FareShare does in the community, we pledge to donate 50p from every order directly to FareShare.

50p will enable FareShare to distribute the equivalent of 2 meals to front line charities including food banks, school breakfast clubs and homeless shelters.

To date, your purchases have allowed us to donate a further 1,700+ meals back to the community.

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