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  • Single Origin Brazilian Arabica Coffee
  • Premium Coconut MCT oil
  • Zero Sugar & 13 calories per pod
  • Vegan Bulletproof Coffee pods
  • 60mg of Caffeine 
  • Compostable Nespresso Original Line pods (not compatible with Vertuo machines)60mg of Caffeine 

Single origin Brazilian 100% Arabica beans

Our Brazilian Arabica coffee is well balance with a sweet, nutty flavour mixed with a chocolaty roast taste. Despite their medium-dark roast, our coffee retains it’s sweet taste, avoiding unpleasant bitterness, making them great as an espresso.

Due to Brazil’s naturally undulating terrain, this coffee is predominately grown at between 900-1,200 metres, qualifying for 'High Grown Coffee' status.

Premium MCT oil sourced 100% from coconuts

MCT (Medium chain triglycerides) are easier for the body to digest because, as the name suggests, they’re smaller than long chain triglycerides, such as those found in olive oil. This makes them a great fat source for athletes fast but sustained energy.

Your body turns MCTs into molecules called ketones, which help burn fat, curb cravings and power your brain.

With our plant-based ingredients, our Nespresso compatible pods make great Vegan Bulletproof coffee.

Our Nespresso Health Pods are fully compostable, helping to reduce the 55 billion aluminium and plastic pods that make their way to landfill every year. Our pods are made from plant biomass and, when you throw out with your general waste, they are returned to Mother Nature within 6 months.*Our pods are compatible only with the original Nespresso© machines, not the Vertuo range*

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What others have to say



"Really pleased I tried these, a gentle flavour that I can add oat milk or coconut milk to for a latte. Feel like i'm doing some good rather than drinking coffee all day. "


"When you need a break from caffeine and want a tasty, healthy alternative, these pods are fantastic"


"The family love these - I find them to be great alternative to coffee in the afternoon and the kids love them with milk."

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