Which matcha pods for Nespresso machines are the best?

Now with Nespresso compatible pods, making matcha has never been easier but which matcha pods for Nespresso machines are the best?
Which matcha pods for Nespresso machines are the best?

What is matcha?

Before we dive into which matcha pods for Nespresso machines are the best, some of you may be wondering what is matcha and why you should be drinking this gorgeous green drink.


Matcha powder is a type of tea made from the grinding of young tea leaves. To make matcha tea, matcha powder is added to boiling water and then blended using a bamboo whisk.


This process is what makes matcha tea better than normal green tea, as the whole leaf is combined into the drink and not just boiled into water and then removed.

This then means you consume the whole leaf and all of its nutrients. Unlike green tea, where you are essentially boiling the leaves and throwing the best bits away.


What also makes matcha tea so special, is that the leaves of the plant are shaded from sunlight so that the plant produces more chlorophyll before harvesting. The grinding process is also done in darkness to protect the nutrients.



Why use a Nespresso machine?

Launching in 1986, Nespresso revolutionised the coffee industry and improved the at home coffee experience.  The affordable price and lack of skill required to make these rich, velvety espressos has made good coffee more accessible then ever. 


But now people are looking for more than just coffee pods for their Nespresso machine. Which has lead many people to ask if there is there matcha for Nespresso?. The answer is yes, you can now buy matcha pods for your Nespresso machine


Which matcha pods for Nespresso machines are the best?


Rejuvenation Water Matcha Energy Health Pods


This revolutionary pod is a game changer for all the matcha tea drinkers out there.

Making matcha normally involves whisking the bright green Matcha powder into hot water. This can be a long and messy affair, with most people making it once and then never making it again. 

One of the advantages of our Matcha Pods for Nespresso is that you do away with all that and get the perfect beverage quickly and consistently. Enjoy genuine organic Japanese matcha at the push of a button. 


The organic Japanese matcha used in these healthy Nespresso capsules is enriched with plant prebiotic fibre and a full B vitamin complex. You can enjoy a rich matcha whilst also consuming some of your essential nutrients.



How to use Nespresso matcha pods


Matcha Latte 

A matcha latte is made with green tea powder and steamed milk. They are very similar to cafe lattes, only there is no coffee. 


Traditionally, it is combined with a large whisk and the milk steamed with a large coffee machine. 


This is the beauty of our new Nespresso matcha pods, now at the push of a button you can enjoy the rich, green superfood. Plus, with most Nespresso machines there is an accompanying milk frother to quickly and easily heat up your milk with no effort. 


Step 1 - Add the milk of your choice to a milk frother and heat


Step 2 -  Place your Nespresso compatible matcha pod in your Nespresso machine and press the 'espresso' button 


Step 3 - Pour the milk into the matcha tea and enjoy!

Matcha latte

Matcha Macchiato 

 A matcha macchiato is very similar to a matcha latte, but with a small amount of foamed milk. 


Make your matcha espresso using your Nespresso machine and heat up the milk in the frother. Once both elements are ready, spoon the foam onto the matcha and enjoy a light matcha macchiato. 


Matcha macchiato

Dirty Matcha

Dirty matcha is an unusual sounding drink but I promise, if you love matcha and you love coffee, you'll love both together. 


Firstly, pour your milk into a milk frother and set to a cold setting. If you don't have a milk frother you can skip this step or use a small whisk. 


Next, pop your Nespresso compatible keto coffee pod in your Nespresso machine and press the one shot button, pour into a jug and set aside.


Then do the same for your Nespresso matcha pod


Once you have everything ready, add ice to a tall glass and pour over the keto coffee. Next add the milk, spooning in the frothy layer. Finally add the matcha. To drink stir and combine all the layers.

Dirty Matcha

 For a quick how to video click here 

By Alex Warmisham ANutr - Nutritionist at Rejuvenation Water 






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