Which Nespresso matcha pods are the best?

Have a Nespresso machine but want to start using it for things other than coffee? We know the perfect matcha Nespresso pods for the job.
Which Nespresso matcha pods are the best?


Before we answer the Nespresso matcha pod questions, you may be wondering about Nespresso pods in general. 


Launching their first pod in 1986, Nespresso pods are not a new concept.


However, more and more people are finding themselves with a Nespresso machine in the home. 


In fact approximately 4.8 million people have a Nespresso machine in their home.


This is why many people are now looking for pods outside of coffee, such as Nespresso matcha pods.


Are all Nespresso pods the same?

No not all Nespresso pods are the same. Although within a brand a pod will be the same as pods in its same batch and flavour. From brand to brand pods will be very different.  


Firstly, some brands use compostable Nespresso compatible pods and not aluminium.

This is much better for the planet as it means that the Nespresso pods will break down in an industrial composter to nothing in 6 months. Even if a compostable pod ends up at landfill it will break down within 2 years.  


Where as most aluminium pods end up in landfill where they can not be broken down. A huge 30,000 pods end up in landfill every minute and take 500 years to break down. 


This is why it is so important to use a brand that uses compostable pods.


Is there matcha for Nespresso?

Now that more and more people are looking for pods that make hot beverages other than matcha. It is no wonder so many people are asking 'Is there matcha for Nespresso?'. 

The answer is yes. Rejuvenation water have made a Nespresso compatible matcha pod that contains matcha powder. 

They can be used to make a quick and easy matcha latte - the simplest way to make matcha without a whisk.

If you're wondering which matcha pods for Nespresso machines are the best, then you can be assured that Rejuvenation water's Nespresso compatible matcha  matcha pods are.

This is because not only does each pod contain high quality premium grade matcha, but also 8 energising B vitamins and prebiotic fibre. 

No other matcha Nespresso pods on the market have this. 

Also, all of this is wrapped up in a fully compostable pod, meaning you are looking after the planet as well as your health. 


How do you make a Nespresso green tea latte?

A matcha latte is made with green tea powder and steamed milk. They are very similar to cafe lattes, only there is no coffee. 


Traditionally, it is combined with a large whisk and the milk steamed with a large coffee machine. 


This is the beauty of our new Nespresso matcha pods, now at the push of a button you can enjoy the rich, green superfood.


Plus, with most Nespresso machines there is an accompanying milk frother to quickly and easily heat up your milk with no effort. 


Step 1 - Add the milk of your choice to a milk frother and heat

Step 2 -  Place your Nespresso compatible matcha pod in your Nespresso machine and press the 'espresso' button 

Step 3 - Pour the milk into the matcha tea and enjoy!

How do you make a Nespresso green tea latte?

Can you use a Nespresso pod twice?

No, it is not recommend that use a Nespresso pod twice. This is because the coffee will become bitter and change the flavour profile of the drink as the coffee is over brewed. 


For pods such as Nespresso matcha pods, it is also not recommend to use the pod twice as the matcha powder would have dissolved on the first use.


This means you would not get any of the heath benefits of matcha and the matcha would be watery and weak. 


Final thoughts 

The advantage of buying matcha pods for Nespresso machines, means that you save time and energy when making the perfect matcha latte. 


When asking which Nespresso matcha pods are the best the answer is Rejuvenation water's matcha tea pods as they are not only good for you but good for the planet too.


The added vitamins and fibre, improve the national value of a matcha latte beyond just the health benefits of matcha powder. 



By Alex Warmisham ANutr - Nutritionist at Rejuvenation Water 




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