What matcha does Starbucks use?

Spoiler - it's barely even matcha powder!
What matcha does Starbucks use?

Opening its first store in America in 1971, Starbucks is now a huge worldwide brand that specialises in coffee and other beverages.


This coffee shop style brand is so popular that they now sell branded merchandise and are a household name for homemade coffees too.


This is leading more and more people to want different Starbucks beverages, but in the comfort of their own home. 


Matcha has become a hugely popular drink in the last few years. The vibrant green drink has stayed popular due to its amazing health benefits, as well as its instagramable looks. 


So what matcha does Starbucks use?


Matcha Recipes 

Before we dive into what matcha does Starbucks use, you need to know some recipes for making the perfect matcha. 


Matcha latte

Traditionally a matcha latte is made using matcha powder and a chasen (bamboo whisk).

However, a much quicker and easier way to make a matcha latte is using rejuvenation water's Nespresso compatible matcha tea pods


In just a few seconds and 3 easy steps, you can have the perfect matcha latte.


Step 1 - Pop your Nespresso compatible matcha pod in your machine and press the espresso button.


Step 2 - Pour the milk of your choice into the milk frother and heat. 


Step 3 - Pour the frothed milk into the matcha and enjoy!


Matcha latte

Matcha iced latte

If you're looking for a cold, refreshing drink you can upgrade your Nespresso matcha latte easily by adding ice and making an iced matcha latte.


Step 1 - Pop your Nespresso compatible matcha pod in your machine and press the espresso button.


Step 2 - Add ice to a glass and pour over the milk of your choice.


Step 3 - Add the shot of matcha and enjoy!


Matcha iced latte




If you follow the vegan diet, then you'll be happy to know you can simply change the milk in your matcha latte or iced matcha latte to a milk alternative, such as oat, almond or soy milk.


You can also add flavourings such a vanilla or coconut, to add some sweetness and variation. 



What matcha does Starbucks use?

There is some curiosity about what matcha does Starbucks use. 


It's no wonder this is the case due to their popularity.


However, because of their high price tag, more and more people want to know how they can make Starbucks drinks at home.


What powder does Starbucks use for matcha?

The problem with the matcha powder Starbucks uses, is that its not really traditional Japanese matcha powder!  


They use a sweetened matcha powder.


This means the powder they use actually has two ingredients: sugar and Japanese green tea powder - and the sugar makes up over 50% of the powder! 


If you were to order a Starbucks iced matcha latte, you would be drinking a  huge 12.4g of sugar!


Adding sugar to matcha powder is a way of counteracting any bitter taste and overall making matcha more palatable for a wider range of people.


However, this also counteracts all the great health benefits of matcha and adding it to your diet. 


A bitter taste often comes from cheap quality matcha.


This is why our matcha Nespresso pods are naturally sweeter in taste, as we only use a high quality premium matcha with the only additives in our pods being energising B Vitamins and prebiotic plant fibre (good for your gut!).


So using our matcha Nespresso pods won't just save you money, but are better for your overall health and well being. 


Plus you won't be drinking any sugar, meaning they also a perfect treat for anyone following the keto diet.



By Alex Warmisham ANutr - Nutritionist at Rejuvenation Water 



 Does Nespresso make matcha pods?

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