Is Bulletproof Coffee Vegan?

How to make the popular hot drink, Bulletproof coffee, even if you follow a plant-based diet
Vegan Bulletproof coffee with almond milk

If you're wondering ‘What is Bulletproof Coffee’ and looking for ways to make a vegan version of this popular hot drink yourself, then this article is for you. Plus, it will also show you how our Nespresso compatible pods make it so easy.


What is Bulletproof Coffee?

Bulletproof coffee has grown hugely in popularity over the last couple of years. 

This started off in the keto community, however, more and more people who do not follow the diet are also seeing the benefits of starting the day with a bulletproof coffee. 

Bulletproof Coffee (aka Butter Coffee) is a great replacement for breakfast, in a convenient form. Especially as you can put it in a flask or travel mug and drink it ‘on the go’.

Unlike other quick and filling breakfast alternatives like cereal bars, Bulletproof Coffee has no added sugar or preservatives. 

Bulletproof coffee is a combination of coffee, MCT oil and butter/ghee.

MCT oil is made of medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) derived from the fat of coconuts. This natural ingredient is what makes our keto coffee pods so special and one of the key ingredients of bulletproof coffees.

MCTs are a fast acting energy source as they are rapidly absorbed into the blood stream due to their smaller chain length.

This is why some fans love to have Bulletproof coffee as a pre workout due to stimulating caffeine plus the energising MCT oil

For those following the keto diet, MCT oil adds a boost of healthy fat to help you meet your macros for the day.


Bulletproof coffee


What are the Benefits of Bulletproof Coffee?

If you are not following the keto diet, adding extra fat to your coffee can seem like an unusual/unnecessary thing to do.

However, there are actually many benefits to the added ingredients.

The key one is that the extra fat slows down the rate of absorption of the caffeine. This allows you to have sustained energy from the coffee throughout the day and stops the dreaded caffeine crashes.

You should notice that you do not feel the need to reach for that 2nd or 3rd coffee anymore.

It is also better on your gut health and digestive system as coffee can be quite acidic. 

Adding fats like coconut oil, MCT oil or even full-fat coconut milk helps to neutralize the acidity in the coffee making it more digestion-friendly.

MCT oil also has anit-inflammatory properties as it contains conjugated linoleic acid (CLA).

Coconut oil

How Can I Make Bulletproof Coffee Vegan?

Although the fat in a bulletproof coffee is the reason they are so great, it is also the reason they are not vegan.

Yes the MCT oil is suitable for vegans as it is derived from coconuts but the addition of butter and/or ghee, makes most bulletproof coffee recipes unsuitable for vegans. 

Often many high fat an protein products are derived from animals, which is a common difficulty that most people who have a plant-based lifestyle face when following the keto diet. For plant-based keto diet tips click here.


Vegan Bulletpoof Coffee Recipe 


Step 1: Add the coconut whipping cream to the milk frother and heat 

Step 2: Place the Keto coffee pod in the Nespresso machine and press the espresso button. Pour into your favourite mug.

Step 3: Once the cream is heated, pour into the mug with the coffee. Enjoy!


vegan bulletproof coffee 

Watch our Instagram reel tutorial here

Ways to Upgrade Your Bulletproof Coffee


Almond Latte

If you're not a fan of coconut or fancy a drink with less fat then an almond milk latte is the way to go.

Just replace the coconut whipping cream with almond milk.

Almond milk is also one of the best keto friendly milks, however always check you are using an unsweetened version!


Protein Coffee

Looking to boost the nutritional benefits of your coffee even further, then you can add protein.  

Just add up to 1/2 a scoop (15 g) of vanilla plant-based protein powder.

It tastes like a vanilla latte and will give you energy for hours. This is a popular one before the gym in the morning.


Maca Coffee

Maca is an adaptogen that may help balance mood and helps support healthy hormones.

Blending it into coffee is an easy way to get it into your diet if you’re using it.

Try 1 tsp blended in the frother with your coconut cream. 


Cinnamon Bulletproof Latte  

Not only does cinnamon taste amazing but it has some great health benefits too.

It is a anti-inflammatory plus a prebiotic that can improve your gut health with studies showing that it lowers blood pressure.

Just add a small tsp to your coconut cream in the milk frother to make a smooth cinnamon and coconut latte.



By Alex Warmisham ANutr - Nutritionist at Rejuvenation Water




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