The Turmeric & Beetroot Super Latte

If you're looking for the perfect Winter warmer without the caffeine kick and that's also nutritiously complete, look no further than our Turmeric & Beetroot Super Latte. This pink latte is wondrously light and packed full of superfoods and vitamins.

Why so Super?

Turmeric lattes, also known as Golden Milk, date back centuries where it has been used in Chinese medicine. It's only recently become popular in the western World with the rise of Turmeric as a functional food and drink ingredient. Turmeric is widely recognised for it's natural anti-inflammatory benefits, especially in helping those with arthritis and for recovery from the stress of sport and exercise.

Beetroot lattes, also known as red velvet lattes, are a much more recent phenomenon but the cardiovascular benefits of beetroot have been recognised for generations. Due to beetroot's natural concentrate of nitrates, helping blood vessels relax and dilate, it has shown to help reduce blood pressure.

With the use of the Rejuvenation Water Nespresso© compatible Immunity Health Pods, this quick and easy-to-make caffeine-free latte provides you with 50% of your RDA of vitamin C and D, contributing to the normal function of the immune system, as well as plant based fibre and protein. 

How to Make

  1. Heat your milk/plant based milk until it is hot, but not boiling.
  2. While your milk is heating, drop your Rejuvenation Water Nespresso Health Pod in your Nespresso machine.
  3. Once the milk is hot, froth it. If you don't have a milk frother, this can be done in a blender or, for those that are more energetic, give it a quick whisk.
  4. Gently pour your freshly frothed milk over the Turmeric and Beetroot shot.
  5. for those with a sweeter tooth, try adding a dash of honey

Nice to know: Our Turmeric & Beetroot Health Pods can be mixed with various milk and plant based alternatives. We find that it blends better with Oat Milk though.

Each one of our Super Lattes contains:

  • 2g of prebiotic fibre
  • 50% RDA vitamin C & D
  • 82% RDA vitamin E
  • 1g of l-glutamine, a plant based amino acid

All this natural goodness is less than 50 calories and contains no added or refined sugar.

We've shared some of your best effort Turmeric & Beetroot Super Lattes on our instagram tag us with #superlatte to have your creations shared.

Below, uses crush dried raspberries to finish her Rejuvenation Water Super Latte.

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Want to find out more about our Turmeric & Beetroot Nespresso© compatible Health Pods?

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