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The hunt for an eco-friendly Nespresso© pod is over. Here we explain how recycling Nespresso© compatible pods from Rejuvenation Water is extra easy, as you can even compost them at home!

Finding ways to reduce our environmental impact is a high priority for many consumers these days. Especially when it comes to reducing reliance on single-use plastics.

There has been a big push to get rid of excess product packaging and straws made of plastic, for example. An estimated 20 billion coffee capsules are used every year across the world, meaning that single serve pods have become an environmental scourge, often ending up in landfills where they can take 500 years to break down.

For many Nespresso fans, this has led to a search for eco-friendly Nespresso pods.

We are proud to sell environmentally-friendly Nespresso pods made from a plant-based biomass.

In fact, disposing of Nespresso compatible pods from Rejuvenation Water in an environmentally friendly way couldn’t be easier.

This guide explains your best Health Pods disposal options, after enjoying a nutrient-rich alternative to coffee.

What’s the problem?

Traditionally, the pods used in Nespresso and other hot beverage machines were made from aluminium or polypropylene, and featured an aluminium lid which was rarely segregated for recycling. The huge popularity of this easy and cost-effective way to enjoy hot beverages led to a massive amount of materials sent to landfill.

Polypropylene, in case you didn’t already know, will take at least 450 years to decompose and aluminium is even longer. Shocking isn't it.

This means that the many consumers who love hot drinks from home preparation machines were very keen to find a recyclable pod option.

While Nespresso's© aluminium pods are recyclable, Nespresso© themselves admit that only 30% are currently recycled Worldwide. That's a lot of aluminium pods slipping through the net and making their way to landfill each year. Recycling them requires a number of steps, including posting them or arranging kerbside pick up. The problem is that the typical consumer simply doesn't have time to go through the process.

Compostable coffee pods

Compatible Nespresso Pods

The great news is, recycling Nespresso compatible pods ‘begins at home’, when you buy our immunity-boosting Turmeric and Beetroot capsules.

Just as the contents are plant-based goodness, the actual pod and the lid are made from eco-friendly and natural fibres. So, if you have a compost bin in your garden you simply enjoy your healthy alternative to traditional lattes and espressos, then chuck the pods in to decompose. Our coffee pods break down within 6 months within landfill.

You get nutrition, and so does your soil!

And, not only are our pod capsules compostable, our box packaging is made from recycled cardboard and is fully recyclable.


Other options for recycling Nespresso compatible pods

If you don’t have a compost system in your garden at least you know putting our Nespresso© pods in your normal rubbish will result in them quickly breaking down. Unlike aluminium and plastic versions.

Nespresso© themselves have taken a firm stance on making capsules recyclable, and one of the aims of its partnership with John Lewis stores is to provide customers with information – and close proximity – to drink pod recycling options.

Keep in mind too that a UK-wide, cross-industry campaign has introduced coffee pod recycling opportunities you could use.

Coffee capsules from a wide range of machines can be disposed of at various drop off points in Britain. Machine manufacturers in a ‘Podback’ scheme even provide householders and foodservice businesses with recycling bags to collect up their used drinks capsules, to make careful disposal more convenient.

Some local authorities have got involved with the initiative too. For example, Cheltenham Borough Council and South Derbyshire District Council offer a ‘kerbside collection’ service to scoop up coffee pods for recycling.

This is all great news for consumers who have embraced the home coffee machine in even larger numbers thanks to lockdown. With so many coffee machines not inhabiting your kitchen worktop, we created an alternative coffee pod, with our Health Pods. Our Turmeric & Beetroot Immunity pods are packed with plant-based superfoods along with vitamin C, D & E. All of this comes in our compostable coffee pod.


Why it matters that our packaging is recyclable

Health Pod Nespresso

We believe that, as the World requires a delicate balance of the eco-system, our products should have the least possible impact to the environment. From our ultra light packaging, reducing our carbon footprint, and recyclability of our products to removing unnecessary plastic from our supply chain, we are continuously making improvements to ensure we reduce our ecological footprint. 

After all, we are just custodians for the future generations. We need to ensure that we make the small changes now to ensure that we preserve our delicate eco-system for the future.



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