Plant-Based Recovery: Top Tips for Plant-Based Recovery

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Your everyday health restoration goals could be physical, mental or both. One of the best ways to achieve them is to eat or drink the right things. So, what are the best plant-based recovery options?

What to eat after a workout, run, cycle ride or hike?

It’s a common question for the high proportion of people who now make time for a diverse range of physical activities.

However, balancing your body’s needs post-exercise is not the only type of recovery that good nutrition can support. What you eat and drink can also restore energy levels and mood at stressful times, or even when you wake up each morning.

Your diet can even offer you the best way to feel rejuvenated in hot weather, or to avoid comfort eating when it’s cold.

Whatever you aim for, plant-based recovery is a great option. When you rely on natural, pure Botanic ingredients you give your body what it needs to restore equilibrium and energy.

The quickest way to get that health boost is via drinks with plant-based recovery properties. Conversely, they not only refuel your body in important ways, but they also ‘reset’ your system, enabling you to wind down a notch, and enjoy healthy sleep patterns for example.

The team at Rejuvenation Water developed their whole range on the basis of balance. From the careful blend of health-restoring ingredients to packaging that does its job with the least possible environmental impact. Right through to fair prices for high quality, natural recovery options.

How do our plant-based recovery products work, to provide unadulterated and delicious drinks that create physical and mental improvement?

Coffee-alternative health pods

Nespresso machine with Turmeric and beetroot espresso

Do you currently turn to coffee to wake you up each morning, or to revitalise you when fatigue or stress drag you down? Maybe it’s your favourite post-exercise go-to, to redress a drop in energy levels?

And that is fine, but what if you do all of those things with a healthy, nutrition-packed alternative to coffee pods for Nespresso machines?

Our Turmeric and Beetroot health pods create a delicious latte or espresso shot. One that provides everything you need for plant-based recovery.

Each drink gives you 50% of your recommended daily amount of Vitamin C and D. Two pods a day and you reach your target for these vital elements, responsible for the immune system and natural energy levels.

The immunity-boosting pods are also packed with amino acids, often referred to as the building blocks of protein, and therefore another of the best recovery nutrients. Amino acids carry out numerous healing roles.

The addition of beetroot and turmeric provides you with cardiovascular and anti-inflammatory benefits including lowering blood pressure. 

Including the caffeine-free Nespresso health pod in your morning routine, or as part of your post-exercise routine, will provide you with a sustained and complete uplift.

To optimise your workout with follow-up nutrition, it’s recommended that 15 to 60 minutes afterwards you satisfy your muscles’ need for fuel. Which you can do brilliantly and conveniently, with our plant-based recovery hot beverages, or iced lattes.

Electrolytes and the best refreshment after exercise

Woman drinking Amino Acid drink

You will hear a lot of claims about sports drinks and energy drinks that contain electrolytes to help you post-exercise, and marketing spiel for isotonic drinks.

You do ‘leak’ key minerals as you sweat. Electrolytes are the organic compounds that carry electrical impulses through your body, so dips can make you feel ‘sluggish; and fatigued.

However, the best way to restore electrolytes is not necessarily dissolved in sugary drinks, some of which are laced with caffeine and chemical additives too.

Our plant-based recovery water range is nutritionally balanced but has up to 50% less sugar than the top-selling sports/isotonic drink. Available in sparkling and still options, they taste delicious, thanks to popular natural flavour combinations.


So whatever your preference, still or sparkling, hot or cold, we've got a plant-based product for you.




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