Nespresso matcha pods: What you need to know

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Sipping bright green tea – from one of our new Nespresso Matcha pods for Nespresso – is not just the latest fad. There are important health advantages, as we explain here. Plus, the taste is amazing!

The benefits of Green Tea are now widely understood, but there is a new way to get a delicious beverage packed with even more ‘good stuff’. You can make it a Matcha, with one of our Nespresso compatible pods.

You can’t fail to spot when someone is sipping on a delicious mug of Matcha Tea. It will be a fetching shade of bright green. This is because Matcha is created by grinding up carefully selected young green tea leaves – grown in dark conditions to optimise chlorophyll production. This increases the amino acid content.

The care doesn’t end there though.

We only use organic Japanese Matcha. This clearly means no pesticides have been used in cultivating the tea plants. Also, the way the leaves are ground to a powder is a time-served process in dimmed light. This too locks nutrients in and keeps the result at optimal freshness.

Matcha tea powder is considered to be even more beneficial than normal green tea. This is partly due to the care outlined above, but also because with normal tea, you infuse the leaves then throw them in the bin. Using Matcha powder means you consume the whole thing, with all the wonderful nutrients they provide.

Quick and easy way to make matcha tea

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Before we dig down on the health advantages of our Matcha pods, we need to tackle the thing that puts a lot of people off selecting this beverage. Apart from its quirky colour that is.

Making this kind of tea normally involves whisking the bright green Matcha powder into hot water. It can be a bit of a hit and miss affair or even plain messy.

How many people buy Matcha powder, love it, then stick it in a cupboard as they can't be bothered with the ‘faff’?

One of the advantages of our Matcha Pods for Nespresso is that you do away with all that, and get the perfect beverage quickly and consistently.

Remember too, that all our eco-friendly capsules for Nespresso machines are biodegradable and compostable drink pods, as they are made from plant fibres.

Healthy benefits of Matcha Nespresso pods

Matcha coffee with salad

So, what makes Matcha a wise drink choice?

One of the main advantages of drinking Matcha is that it's high in antioxidants, those valuable substances that help us balance free radicals at a cellular level. Matcha’s benefits are also believed to include helping us to detox, especially our liver. Plus, improving the way we absorb nutrients.

Studies have shown that this combination – or some other aspects of Matcha – may explain why drinking it boosts our cognitive powers (brain function).

There are chemical compounds in all green tea leaves that are believed to be a valuable way to fight off cancer. They also contain elements that are widely viewed as helpful in managing blood sugar and cardiovascular health!

People trying to manage their weight are often advised to drink Matcha and other green teas. It appears to increase metabolism and the way we burn off fat.

Also, there have been studies that suggest Matcha and green tea, in general, can improve blood pressure and cholesterol levels. 

More work is needed on all these crucial health perks, but it’s safe to say that the reasons to drink Nespresso-compatible Matcha pods are many and various.

What does Matcha tea taste like?

To be honest though, for all their powerful nutrients – and slight caffeine kick – the value of using Matcha pods largely comes from the drinking experience you get. It's a unique bitter-sweet flavour, and many customers get totally hooked!

You can also have your matcha in the form of a latte, using any milk of your choice, the bitter matcha complements the milk.

This keeps the new Matcha pods on a par with our successful Nespresso Immunity Health Pods, containing vitamin-packed turmeric and beetroot. Both options make it possible to enjoy a delicious, refreshing beverage that also happens to be good for you!

Why not see for yourself and order a pack of Nespresso pods with Matcha tea in. If you’re already a fan, we recommend a subscription for Matcha Pods for Nespresso machines, to make sure you keep the good stuff flowing!




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