Nespresso Pod Alternatives: The Ultimate Guide

Nespresso machines make it easy to craft your personal favourite brew, quickly and consistently. Enjoy that same convenience with our immunity-boosting caffeine-free Nespresso pod alternatives.
Turmeric and beetroot latte
Nespresso machines make it easy to craft your personal favourite brew, quickly and consistently. Enjoy that same convenience with our immunity-boosting caffeine-free Nespresso pod alternatives.

The launch of Nespresso machines revolutionised our ability to buy high quality, pre-portioned coffee that could be prepared swiftly at home, with delicious results.

To be honest, they’re also a rather cool-looking kitchen accessory, with models to suit everyone.

As the popularity of the machines grew, so did the range of flavours available in those handy capsules, including highly tempting Nespresso pod alternatives! The team at Rejuvenation Water have worked hard to pack amazing flavours and nutrient blends into our healthy hot beverages.

That means you can buy Nespresso compatible drink options that support your body’s natural balance and immunity levels, without sacrificing taste or speed of preparation,

So, if you fancy a change from coffee, or want to explore healthy drinks ‘on the go’, here’s a guide to Nespresso pod alternatives you’ll want to try.

What’s in health pods for Nespresso?

Let’s start with the really good news. Our biodegradable Nespresso compatible capsules pack a mighty punch! They are crammed with a carefully balanced blend of pure plant-based ingredients.

However, what we leave out is also important. These are caffeine-free Nespresso pods, with nothing artificial in their mixture. Yet, our customers agree that the drink they produce is delicious and that our pods are easy to store with a great shelf-life.

This makes them an ideal coffee-alternative for busy people, but also a beverage that appeals to vegans, a hot drink athletes can consume safely, and a reviving drink for Keto diets. With only 0.6g naturally occurring sugar per pod they are also a great hot drink option (in moderation) for most people with diabetes.

Health benefits of Nespresso pod alternatives

Coffee is often viewed as the best pick me up, or a drink that helps you to relax and enjoy ‘me time'. However, the plant-based formula we use in our capsules is designed to give your body more of a boost and a long-lasting feel-good factor.

Ready for some impressive facts? Just one of our Nespresso compatible Turmeric and Beetroot Pods contains 50% of your recommended daily dose of Vitamins C and D! We all know how important they are to your health, and how tricky it can be to get enough vitamin D without sunshine.

They also provide Vitamin E, which boosts immunity and skin and eye health, alongside prebiotic fibre to aid your digestive system. The blend incorporates amino acids too, which provide multiple benefits, including boosting cell regeneration and growth and giving you energy

For improved taste (and even more health advantages) we’ve blended in turmeric, a well-known anti-inflammatory. Plus, beetroot, which is brimming with nutrients and great for supporting cardiovascular health.

At just 14.4kcal per capsule, you can even enjoy these Nespresso pod alternatives when managing your weight.

immunity pods

How do you drink these tasty health drinks?

As this is an ingenious Nespresso pod alternative, our immunity-boosting beverage is designed to be drunk hot. Some people love to use it like an espresso-style shot, replacing coffee with a rich blend of healthy ingredients. Other customers add milk to create a latte-style hot drink with all the benefits our blend provides.

What about Keto Coffee Pods?

That's right - our Nespresso Pod Alternatives range has grown with the addition of our Keto Coffee Pods. Inspired by the original, Bulletproof© coffee, our energising Keto Coffee pods are enriched with MCT oil providing fast acting, easy to absorb fats. Each pod in this naturally caffeinated range contains zero sugar and 13 calories.

Sustainable Nespresso pod alternatives

As we’ve paid such close attention to getting 100% natural ingredients into our health pods, our commitment to the planet should come as no surprise.

So, even the capsules we use are made from natural biodegradable materials and are compostable! Making them the perfect option for anyone hunting for environmentally friendly, plastic-free Nespresso pods.

Best way to try this healthy alternative to coffee

Keep in mind that our nutrient-packed but easy to drink health pods are compatible with traditional Nespresso machines, not the more advanced Vertuo or Dolce Gusto models.

Where can you get your hands on our Nespresso compatible Health Pods, to test for yourself what an amazing coffee alternative they are? By using our easy online ordering system.

If you are reading this from overseas fear not, as we can ship our immunity-boosting 100% natural Nespresso pod alternatives anywhere in the world!

Why not start with our 10-pod starter pack and use them to replace just some of your daily caffeine fixes. Then, we’re confident you will be back for more.



Nespresso compatible Health Pods

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