Can Nespresso compatible matcha pods make good lattes?

If you love matcha and have a Nespresso machine, then a good matcha latte using matcha pods might sound too good to be true!
Can Nespresso compatible matcha pods make good lattes?

Approximately 4.8 million people own a Nespresso coffee machine in the UK, with more and more people getting one for their home. However, the large machine takes up a lot of counter space to be used for just one product.

People are looking for different products to put in their Nespresso machine, such as matcha for Nespresso.

That's why the launching of rejuvenation water's Nespresso compatible Matcha pods have become so popular. 



Can Nespresso compatible matcha pods make good lattes?

If you're wondering if Nespresso compatible matcha pods make good lattes? The answer is yes!


If your an avid drinker of matcha then I'm sure you are wondering how the matcha will be mixed and foamed properly. 


Traditionally, this is done with a large whisk, however the force of the water coming through the machine and the design of the matcha Nespresso pod, means that this problem is solved. The matcha comes out as a well blended and foamy matcha. 


Not only this but each nespresso matcha capsule is packed with 8 energising B vitamins and prebiotic fibre, this means not only does Nespresso compatible matcha pods make good lattes but the latte is also good for you! 


How do you make a matcha latte with Nespresso pods?

Making a matcha latte with matcha Nespresso pods couldn't be easier as the Nespresso machine does all the work for you! 


Step 1 - Add the milk of your choice to a milk frother and heat


Step 2 -  Place your Nespresso compatible matcha pod in your Nespresso machine and press the 'espresso' button 


Step 3 - Pour the milk into the matcha tea and enjoy!


What flavours pair well with matcha?

Traditionally, in Japan Wagashi is paired with matcha.  Often the sweets generally use ingredients like rice flour and beans, though some seasonal delicacies could be added as well. The traditional Wagashi utilizes exclusively plant-based ingredients, thus making these confections somewhat unique and vegan-friendly.


Citrus fruits are also a popular paring with match as the sharp citrus helps to lift and cut through the slightly bitter matcha. 


By Alex Warmisham ANutr - Nutritionist at Rejuvenation Water 



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