Our Nespresso Compatible Pods Explained

Nespresso compatible pods

The British may be world-famous for their love of tea, but they have certainly embraced the ‘coffee revolution’ with great enthusiasm. A trip to the local coffee shop is a daily habit and it’s believed that around five million people have a Nespresso machines in their home.

So, what is a Nespresso compatible pod, and why have we developed healthy, creative alternatives to standard capsules?

Hunt for healthy choices for Nespresso fans

The story behind Rejuvenation Water is simple. When founder Kris Ingham became disillusioned with over-processed and sugar-filled ‘waters’ available on supermarket shelves, he set out to create a much healthier alternative. And Rejuvenation Water was born. A plant-based recovery drink that is packed full of amino acids and non of the over-processed sugary stuff.

The fundamental principle of our Nespresso-friendly pods was to build on our reputation for providing nutritionally relevant drinks. We wanted to create a healthy hot drink that is easy to make using only natural ingredients, and is packed with deliciousness.

This lead to the launching of our Health Pods...

Turmeric and Beetroot 

Turmeric and Beetroot Health pods

Our first Nespresso compatible pods were designed to provide a refreshing and nutritionally balanced alternative to coffee.

That was actually just part of the thinking behind our immunity-boosting health pods. We were also keen to give customers access to the perfect pairing of Turmeric and Beetroot in a hot drink. These are two of the top things you can consume to get a quick fix of essential vitamins and minerals.

We are talking 50% RDA of vitamins C and D, in one fast-to-make alternative espresso or latte. That’s got to be a great option. We also thought the taste was refreshingly different, and our customers agreed.

The success of these health pods for Nespresso got our team excited about meeting more dietary requirements in delicious drink form. Which led to Keto coffee pods.


Keto Coffee 

Our Nespresso compatible keto coffee pods not only provide an instant energy source but a long lasting one without the dreaded caffeine crash.

They are especially good news for vegan or vegetarian keto coverts, as they can enjoy the medium-dark Brazilian Arabica coffee taste with a substantial energy kick provided by MCT oil.

This combination also makes these keto coffee Nespresso pods the ideal base to make Bulletproof Coffee. Or, to blend into a creamy latte drink that’s keto-friendly.

Even if you don't follow the ketogenic diet, you can still enjoy the great flavour and the health benefits of the MCT oil. 

Keto coffee

And there's more...

With the success of our Turmeric and Beetroot health pods and keto coffee pods, we went on to develop a healthy hot drink that is packed full of vitamins and slow released caffeine for a sustained energy boost without the crash.


Introducing the Nespresso compatible Matcha pods 

We took the same passion for quality, organic ingredients to source premium Japanese matcha. To give you a tasty drink packed with B vitamins and sustainable energy.

Matcha tea is linked to meditative spirituality in Japan. However, though our Nespresso compatible pods with matcha care lovely to drink while you relax, they are also energising. That’s because they include a careful blend that helps revitalise you long after your last sip.

Plus, they contain prebiotic fibre. This helps keep your gut balanced too. Another reason to start your day with our Matcha compatible Nespresso Pods.


Matcha health pod

Eco-friendly Nespresso compatible pods

It’s also important to unwrap some of the thinking that’s gone into creating the actual capsule used for our healthy beverage pods.

Many customers looking for Nespresso compatible pods also want the assurance that their hot drink choice will NOT add to landfills. Rejuvenation innovation meant ticking all the boxes for an eco-friendly drinks pod.

Our capsules are made entirely from compostable plant fibres. So, not only are they a non-plastic Nespresso pod that’s packed with nutrients for you, but they can also go on to fertilise your garden.


Compostable Nespresso pods

Are there more Nespresso-friendly pods ‘brewing’?

What’s next for the Rejuvenation range of Nespresso compatible pods?

Well, that’s partly up to you. We love to hear back from customers and your ideas and preferences help us to shape our continued research and development. Whatever healthy hot drinks pods we come up with next, you can be 100% confident they will be good for you, and delicious.

Try the existing range for inspiration, with a subscription service for Nespresso compatible pods, to get a healthy hot drink supply coming as often as you want!




Nespresso compatible Health Pods

Matcha Nespresso Pods + Nespresso Bundles

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