Rejuvenation Water Nespresso Pods: What you need to know

Reasons to buy Rejuvenation Water Nespresso Pods include important health benefits and finding a delicious alternative to coffee. Here are more things you need to know about these ingenious Nespresso compatible capsules.
Espresso machine and turmeric and beetroot espresso
Reasons to buy Rejuvenation Water Nespresso Pods include important health benefits and finding a delicious alternative to coffee. Here are more things you need to know about these ingenious Nespresso compatible capsules.

Buying our organic, plant-based alternative to coffee to pop into your Nespresso machine provides you with an easy way to enjoy important nutrients. For one thing, they are a clever and mess-free way to take advantage of beetroot’s status as a superfood. Also, our pods are a power-packed portion of vitamins C, D and E and a diverse range of crucial minerals.

Better still, the careful balance of beetroot and turmeric we use happens to also tastes great!

As they are clearly marketed as Nespresso Compatible Immunity Health Pods, what they do is pretty clear. However, here are more facts about Rejuvenation Water Nespresso Pods that you need to know.

No foil, plastic-free Nespresso pods

Let’s start by looking at an important factor if ‘green’ product choices matter to you. The way Rejuvenation Water Nespresso Pods are packaged is significant. They are not only biodegradable they are also 100% compostable. Unlike aluminium or plastic capsules, when you buy our sustainable hot drink pods you can dispose of them in your compost bin. Six months later they could be helping to fertilise your soil!

That’s neat, and another way these are an authentically natural alternative to coffee pods.

Zero-caffeine Nespresso capsules

Rejuvenation Water Nespresso Pods contain no caffeine; not even a trace.

Here’s something else important to keep in mind. Some decaf coffee has been exposed to chemicals to strip the caffeine out of the beans. With our naturally caffeine-free coffee alternative, you get no hidden nasties of any kind!

We only use certified organic plants too, to be sure you get a pure taste and premium ingredients.

Your hot drink, your way

Using these health pods for Nespresso machines gives you a choice of ways to enjoy a beneficial hot drink.

It’s up to you. You can have a delicious beetroot health shot, like an espresso but better for you. Or, blend your Rejuvenation Water Nespresso Pod drink with hot milk for a creamy latte that provides important health benefits.

If you want to kick-start your morning with a healthy alternative to coffee, either option has all the convenience of Nespresso pod ranges.

Universal coffee-alternative

The careful formula of pure, natural ingredients in Rejuvenation Water Nespresso Pods also means that a lot of people can drink them. They are a vegan hot drink, ideal for anyone who wants to avoid GMO in beverages and perfect for those seeking a quick health fix from a pre-portioned drink pod.

They are safe to use if you are an athlete or professional sportsperson and have low sugar if you’re managing your weight. You could even give them to youngsters, as they are caffeine-free hot drink children can enjoy.

Energy boosting

The nutritional blend in our Rejuvenation Water Nespresso Pods is important if you are looking for a healthy alternative to energy drinks too! Or, if you currently use coffee to fight tiredness and fatigue.

The ingredients in our Nespresso-ready capsules support your blood circulation and digestive health. Both of which can help to make you feel less sluggish, more awake, and ready for anything.

This makes our pods a healthy energy-giving drink before you go out running or to the gym. Pop some beetroot drink in a flask for your post-workout refreshment too.

Furthermore, our new Nespresso© compatible Keto Coffee Pods provide a fast acting energy source and are enriched with MCT oil providing fast acting, easy to absorb fats.

Versatile Nespresso-compatible pods

How do you use Rejuvenation Water Nespresso Pods? They are compatible with traditional Nespresso machines. Though unfortunately anyone with a Vertuo model - or Dolce Gusto machine – can’t enjoy the taste and nutrients packed into our health pods.

Customers recommend our pods for Nespresso

Lastly, if you do decide to test these Nespresso health pods, you could well join a growing band of people who recommend coffee-alternative capsules - and other products - from Rejuvenation Water.

Just check out our testimonials, and blogs such as this one on Former Ospreys and Wales Rugby player Ben John.

Then there’s the endorsement from Dr Michelle Braude, founder of THE FOOD EFFECT, who refers to our pods as “a fantastic product with so many health benefits, that we can feel good about using too!”

It’s clear these immunity-boosting Nespresso capsules don’t ‘just’ refresh and revive people. They get them talking too!

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