5 Reasons to Add Nespresso Health Pods to Your Morning Routine

What if you could switch your morning coffee to a delicious alternative that boosts your energy and improves digestion and immunity. All possible, by adding Nespresso Health Pods to your wake-up routine.
Nespresso Health Pods as part of a morning routine
What if you could switch your morning coffee to a delicious alternative that boosts your energy and improves digestion and immunity. All possible, by adding Nespresso Health Pods to your wake-up routine.

Coffee is the world’s most popular beverage; we drink 2 billion cups a day! For many people, it’s the only way to kickstart their morning.

However, there are lots of good reasons to find coffee alternatives. Especially if you switch over to using Nespresso Health Pods as part of your morning routine.

Before you start frowning at the thought of preparing fruit and veg for a smoothy or mixing packets and potions, we’re talking about a simple way to start your day right. It works just like any other Nespresso pod and creates an espresso-style or latte-style morning drink.

The big difference is there are no caffeine and valuable nutrients instead!

Already it’s sounding something worth considering. So, let’s dig deeper into 5 reasons to add Nespresso Health Pods to your morning routine.

1. Getting an A.M. energy boost

One of the main reasons to reach for a Nespresso Health Pod in the morning is that your first hot drink of the day will be packed with plant-based, all-natural goodness. Things that give you a vital commodity at the start of your day – energy!

We’re talking about a delicious blend of Turmeric and Beetroot, with a well-balanced combination of prebiotic plant fibre, amino acids, Vitamin C, D & E and a whole plethora of important minerals.

It’s a combination that improves blood circulation, which means more oxygen getting to all your muscles, and your brain! Making Nespresso Health Pods the perfect morning pick-me-up and a great pre-exercise health drink.

You could also add one of our new Nespresso Compatible Keto Coffee Pods. The energising keto pods are enriched with MCT Oil, which provides fast acting, easy to absorb fats.

2. Replacing caffeine to improve health

There’s much debate about the relative health benefits and side effects of drinking coffee. Even decaffeinated versions can continue dubious elements if you buy cheap brands, due to chemicals used to remove caffeine from the bean. There have been suggestions that all coffee can impact negatively on your teeth too!

If you read the Harvard Medical School expose on caffeine it shows the complicated health impact of this substance and the reasons to drink it only in moderation.

Making Nespresso Health Pods part of your morning routine helps you to get your caffeine habit under control.

3.Good for digestion

With energy-giving goodness coursing into your body from your morning health shot or delicious latte-alternative, something else gets a kickstart from your Nespresso pod alternative. Your tummy!

Our Nespresso Health Pods contain Beetroot, an authentic superfood. One of its benefits is Prebiotic plant fibre that supports your digestive system’s natural processes and rhythms. In other words, it keeps you regular.

Also, Beetroot is packed with betaine, another natural element good for digestive health. This is why a glass of beetroot juice is sometimes recommended as a home remedy for an upset stomach.

If you haven’t got the time, energy or interest in juicing beetroots, fear not. Just grab a pack of Nespresso compatible health pods!

4. Quick access to vital vitamins

Another advantage of this morning coffee alternative is that you start your day with a refreshing and easy way to take essential vitamins in hot drink form.

No hard to swallow vitamin tablets or working out the relative values of your menu for the day. Pop a Nespresso Health Pod into your machine, and pour 50% of your recommended daily intake of vitamins C and D, as well as a healthy dose of vitamin E, and diverse minerals.

Such an easy-peasy way to improve health and build immunity, with a tasty morning beverage!

5. No artificial nasties

It’s sometimes what’s NOT there that matters when you’re finding the best drink to start your day the healthy way.

Our Nespresso Health Pods contain 100% pure organic ingredients. Absolutely no chance you’re unwittingly consuming pesticides, artificial flavourings or any kind of chemical nonsense in your first hot drink of the day.

Sustainable Nespresso compatible pods

Starting your day the right way just got so much easier. The goods news doesn’t end there though. By using our Nespresso Health Pods you’re also getting biodegradable and compostable pods, and a zero-caffeine, vegan-friendly hot drink, with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant ingredients.

Ready to switch your morning coffee for a healthy alternative?

Send for a 10-pod starter pack of Nespresso Health Pods and ‘wake up’ to all the advantages.



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