Matcha - where to buy

If you're looking to start drinking matcha, where to buy it is an important part of the process. 
Matcha Latte

Over the last few years matcha has become very popular in the UK.

As more and more people are understanding the health benefits of drinking the vibrant green Japanese drink, the UK market of matcha has grown.

However, this is leaving many people to ask what is the best matcha - where to buy it and how to prepare it.


What is matcha?

Matcha powder is a type of tea made from the grinding of young tea leaves. To make matcha tea, matcha powder is added to boiling water and then blended using a bamboo whisk.


This process is what makes matcha tea better than normal green tea, as the whole leaf is combined into the drink and not just boiled into water and then removed.

This then means you consume the whole leaf and all of its nutrients. Unlike green tea, where you are essentially boiling the leaves and throwing the best bits away.


What also makes matcha tea so special, is that the leaves of the plant are shaded from sunlight so that the plant produces more chlorophyll before harvesting. The grinding process is also done in darkness to protect the nutrients.


matcha powder


Is matcha green tea?

Yes! Even though it is produced in a different way, matcha powder is one of the greenest forms of green tea. As green as grass but tasting a whole lot better and with all the health benefits of the whole leaf.


Is there caffeine in matcha?

Because matcha is made from the entire tea leaf, it contains more caffeine than regular steeped tea — three times the amount, to be exact.

But how does matcha compare to coffee?

On average, one cup (8-oz) of brewed coffee contains 95mg of caffeine, although that number can vary greatly depending on the type of coffee. For example, 12-oz of cold brew can contain 150-240 mg caffeine.

Matcha, on the other hand, contains around 70-80 mg of caffeine per cup.

While the difference in caffeine is minimal, the type of caffeine in tea makes all the difference. Why? Because the body metabolizes it differently. 

Unlike the caffeine in coffee, which is quickly released into the bloodstream, the caffeine in matcha is slowly released. This is because the caffeine molecules in matcha (and green tea) bind to the catechins. As the catechins break down, caffeine enters the bloodstream slowly over a 6-8 hour period.

This process also prevents adrenaline and insulin spikes, which prevents the dreaded caffeine crash and drop in blood sugar.

matcha shot


The best matcha - where to buy it 

If you're looking to start drinking matcha, where to buy it is an important part of the process. 

You can now buy matcha pods for a Nespresso machine at Rejuvenation water. Our Nespresso compatible matcha pods are quick and simple to use as they don’t require any preparation like making and whisking regular matcha powder.

When buying matcha it is important to know the quality of the matcha. Rejuvenation water’s Nespresso compatible pods are filled with premium organic matcha, so you can be sure you are getting high quality matcha when buying matcha from us.


How to use matcha 

Once you have bought matcha, you may be wondering how to prepare your matcha drinks.

Firstly, you can have the matcha as a simple espresso shot. For real matcha lovers this is a quick and simple way to have your daily dose or as a matcha macchiato if you're wanting a hint of creaminess.

However, for first time matcha drinkers, a matcha latte might be a good place to start. 

You could even use matcha in matcha in pancakes! Check out our matcha and blueberry pancake recipe here.


By Alex Warmisham ANutr - Nutritionist at Rejuvenation Water   







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