Can you get Matcha pods for Nespresso?

Making matcha has never been so easy! You can now get Nespresso compatible matcha pods from rejuvenation water.
Can you get Matcha pods for Nespresso?

What is matcha powder?

This green superfood has drastically grown in popularity over the last few years but that may have left many of you wondering 'what is matcha?'. 

The word ‘matcha’ is derived from the Japanese words for ‘ground’ and ‘tea’. Matcha was originally produced in China before eventually being cultivated in Japan.


It is produced directly from the leaves of the green tea plant, Camellia sinensis. Many other forms of green tea are obtained from this plant, but when it is cultivated to produce matcha in particular, it is grown in a unique manner.


Before harvesting, framers cover the leaves of the matcha for 20-30 days to avoid direct sunlight. Intern the chlorophyll production increases, the amino acid content is boosted, and the plant gets a darker green hue. 


Increased levels of chlorophyll lead to an increase in a range of beneficial phytonutrients (plant compounds). In particular, there is an increase in the number of polyphenols and amino acids, which contribute to the amazing nutritional profile of matcha tea.


Unlike a cup of green tea, where the leaves are boiled and thrown out, matcha contains the nutrients of the whole tea leaf. This results in an increased amount of caffeine and antioxidants than typically found in green tea. 


Matcha tea



Can you get Matcha pods for Nespresso?

Anyone with a coffee machine but loves matcha too is probably wondering 'Can you get Matcha pods for Nespresso?'.


The answer is yes, you can get matcha pods for Nespresso machines.


Rejuvenation water's new Nespresso compatible matcha pods have all the benefits of matcha powder but in a convenient Nespresso capsule. 


Each pod is packed with 100% organic Japanese matcha, prebiotic fibre and added B vitamins. 


Unlike Nespresso, rejuvenation water use fully compostable pods. This means in 6 months you can be sure the pod has broken down, returned to mother nature and has not ended up staying in landfill like aluminium pods. 


Are matcha pods good?

The next question, I'm sure this is leading many matcha fans to ask is, are matcha pods good and are they as good as matcha powder?


The answer is yes. Not only do you have the ease and convince of the Nespresso pod, but you get the same great results; a light, frothy matcha.


Also, each pod has the perfect serving already measured out, so you know that each drink is going to have the same taste. This consistency means that you never have to be disappointed with your drink and you can have the perfect matcha espresso every time. 


Also unlike just matcha powder, each of our pods are fortified with B vitamins and prebiotic fibre, increasing the health benefits of drinking matcha.







Nespresso compatible Health Pods

Matcha Nespresso Pods + Nespresso Bundles

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