Matcha Macchiato

Matcha macchiato made easy with Nespresso compatible pods.
Matcha Macchiato

Matcha macchiato gives you the refreshing, earthy flavour of matcha mixed with the indulgent, creaminess of milk, without overpowering matcha's subtle flavour.


You can make matcha with Nespresso machines now due to our new Nespresso compatible matcha pods.


The Nespresso Matcha Pods 

The reason we made our new Nespresso compatible matcha tea pods was to take the hassle out of making matcha with powder. 

No longer do you need a large Japanese bamboo whisk to froth and blend your matcha.


With our matcha Nespresso capsules, you simply pop the pod in your Nespresso machine, press the lungo button and watch the vibrant green matcha pour out into your cup.


Our Nespresso compatible pods are fully compostable and filled with authentic  Japanese matcha and fortified with B vitamins, meaning they are not only good for you but the planet too. 


This recipe shows you the best way to use these Nespresso capsules and create the perfect foam topped macchiato.

Nespresso matcha pods


The Milk 

To create the perfect foamed milk top you need to heat up and froth the milk.

This can be done with a steamer or, more commonly found with a Nespresso pod machine, an electric milk frother.  


When choosing the milk it really is down to personal preference!

However, cow's milk will provide a better foam as it contains more protein which helps incorporate air into the foam. 


If you're a vegan or just prefer the taste of milk alternatives (oat, soya, coconut, etc.) then not to worry!

These milks will still foam up or most brands now offer barista versions of their milks, which foam up just as well as cow's milk. 

Matcha pods


How to Make a Matcha Macchiato

Now you have your Nespresso compatible matcha tea pods and your favourite milk, it's time to start making this gorgeous green drink.


First lets start with the milk. As macchiatos are only topped with a small amount of foam, you only need to add a small amount of milk to your milk frother. 

Then start the button and let the milk heat and foam up.


Next you need to place your Nespresso matcha pod in your Nespresso machine and press either the espresso button or the lungo button.

This is again down to personal preference on how strong you would like your matcha macchiato to taste.


Personally, I like to choose a lungo setting and have the foam to matcha ratio lower. This is also known as a long macchiato.

A long macchiato is a double shot of espresso (or in this case matcha), with a small amount of foam on top. 

This creates a vibrant, earthy matcha with a hint of creamy foam. 


By the time your matcha has poured out, your milk should be ready too - the beauty and simplicity of using a Nespresso machine and milk frother! 

Using a tablespoon carefully spoon the foam, that has formed on top of the milk, onto the matcha. How much you spoon on will affect the overall taste of the macchiato, but once again this is personal preference. 



Some people find that matcha macchiatos taste slightly bitter still, even with the added sweetness of the milk. 


If this is the case for you too, you can add a sweetener of some kind. I personally like to add honey to mine, but you can also add sugar syrup or a sweetener. 


These should all be added to the matcha and stirred in before the foam is added on top.


This gives a chance for the honey etc. to fully dissolve into the matcha, so you don't get any sweet clumps or bitter matcha areas, before you add the milk and don't want to stir. 


Matcha macchiato is often served warm, especially as hot water needs to be added for the matcha powder to dissolve into the water, or in the case of our pods, so the powder comes out of the machine. 


However, this doesn't mean that an ice cube can't be added to the drink afterwards, to create a cooler, refreshing drink for a summers day.


Alternatively after all this you may be thinking that you actually want a matcha latte or a matcha iced latte. 







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