How do you make a matcha latte like a barista?

Tips, tricks and the secret to making a matcha latte like a barista.
How do you make a matcha latte like a barista?

What matcha do baristas use?

The first element to tackle, and possibly the most important, when asking how do you make a matcha latte like a barista, is the matcha. So what matcha do baristas use?


For a rich, creamy matcha, baristas use premium grade Japanese matcha. That is why in our Nespresso matcha pods we've done the same and used a high quality, premium grade Japanese matcha, to make ensure a great tasting matcha espresso or matcha latte.



What is Starbucks Matcha powder?

There is some curiosity to what matcha powder Starbucks uses. The big corporation has a lot of fans. However, due to their high price tag, more and more people want to know how they can make Starbucks drinks at home.


So what is Starbucks Matcha powder? The issue with starbucks matcha powder is that they add lots of sugar. Adding sugar to matcha powder is a way of counteracting any bitter taste and overall making matcha more palatable for a wider range of people.


However, this also counteracts all the great health benefits of matcha and adding it to your diet. 

A bitter taste often comes from cheap quality matcha. This is why our matcha Nespresso pods are naturally sweeter in taste, as we only use a high quality premium matcha with the only additives in our pods being energising B Vitamins and prebiotic plant fibre (good for your gut!).


So using our matcha Nespresso pods won't just save you money, but are better for your overall health and well being. 


How do you make a matcha latte like a barista?

So just how do you make a matcha latte like a coffee shop? The answer is simple when you use matcha pods for Nespresso machines.
Our Nespresso compatible matcha pods give you a barista level matcha espresso every time. Then to simply make it a matcha latte, add some frothed milk (easily frothed in the milk frother given with most machines). 


To make a matcha latte like a barista:

1. Pour the milk of your choice into in a milk frother and heat.

2. Whilst this is heating, place one of Rejuvenation water's Nespresso compatible matcha pods in your nespresso machine and press the espresso shot button.

2. Once both components are ready, simply pour the frothed milk into the matcha shot and you have the perfect matcha latte like a barista!


Matcha Latte variations 

If you love matcha but are looking for something different to or usual matcha latte, then luckily you can use your matcha Nespresso pod in many different drinks. 

Why not try adding ice for a cool refreshing iced matcha latte. Or blend the matcha, milk and ice and top with whipped cream for an indulgent matcha Frappuccino. 


How do you make a matcha latte like a barista?



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