Making matcha in Nespresso machines

Making matcha in Nespresso machines, is it possible?
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Making matcha in Nespresso machines

Why use a Nespresso machine?

Launching in 1986, Nespresso revolutionised the coffee industry and improved the at home coffee experience.  The affordable price and lack of skill required to make these rich, velvety espressos has made good coffee more accessible then ever. 


But now people are looking for more than just coffee pods for their Nespresso machine. Which has lead many people to ask if is there matcha for Nespresso?. The answer is yes, you can now buy matcha pods for your Nespresso machine

What is Matcha?

Matcha is part of the green tea family and comes from Camellia Sinensis plant. It is grown differently to regular green tea and therefore has a different nutritional profile to green tea. Growing the matcha plant in the shade before harvesting, the lack of light increases chlorophyll production and boosting the amino acid content. The tea leaves are then harvested and ground down into a fine green matcha powder.

The Benefits of Matcha

The way that it is grown means that there are more health benefits to Matcha vs green tea. The amino acid profile is more rich in density, especially L-theanine, the amino acid that supports concentration. Matcha is also high in antioxidants, making matcha great for a detox diet. 

With these benefits and it's bright, vibrant colour, Matcha has exploded in popularity recently. Making matcha is time consuming though and fans are always looking for quick ways to make matcha.

Recently, Nespresso matcha pods have become available making it quicker and easier to make matcha than ever before.


Does Nespresso have a matcha pod?

When first buying a Nespresso machine, many people stay with Nespresso and use their pods. This means even with companies making their own pods people are asking 'does Nespresso have a matcha pod?'.  


The answer to this is no, Nespresso does not have a matcha pod. 


Fortunately, Rejuvenation Water's Nespresso compatible matcha pods work in all original Nespresso machines. 


In fact they are better than Nespresso pods as each pod is fully compostable, meaning they are good for you as well as the environment. 

nespresso matcha pods without whisk for matcha lattes


How to make matcha in Nespresso machines

With so many people now owning a Nespresso machine, more people are wanting to use them for drinks other than coffee - so how are people making matcha in Nespresso machines ? 

This popular drink has many health benefits so it is no wonder it is top of the list for customers making matcha in Nespresso machines and now making matcha in Nespresso machines has never been easier, using Rejuvenation Water's Nespresso compatible matcha pods. 

These new matcha Nespresso pods mean you can create a Nespresso matcha latte in seconds. 

You can use your Nespresso matcha pods to make a range of different matcha drinks, including Nespresso matcha latte and iced matcha lattes. 


Matcha Espresso 

For the simplest way of how to make matcha with Nespresso machine, you can make a matcha espresso.

Step 1 - Pop your Nespresso compatible matcha pod in your machine and press the espresso button.

Step 2 - Enjoy your tasty green matcha espresso made in seconds!

For a lungo - simply press the two shot button and enjoy a slightly milder matcha taste. 


Matcha Latte 

Another easy matcha drink to make when using a Nespresso machine is a Nespresso matcha latte

Step 1 - Pop your Nespresso compatible matcha pod in your machine and press the espresso button.

Step 2 - Pour the milk of your choice into the milk frother and heat. 

Step 3 - Pour the frothed milk into the matcha and enjoy!

how to make a matcha latte


Can you make matcha in an espresso machine?


Unfortunately, you can not make matcha with an espresso machine.
Placing matcha powder in the portafilter will not produce matcha that is palatable, as the high temperature and lack matcha powder being able to go through the filter, will create a bitter and watery matcha. 
By Alex Warmisham ANutr - Nutritionist at Rejuvenation Water 

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