What is MCT Oil?

Keto Coffee includes the perfect amount of natural MCT oil for energy and taste. This leads to an important question; what is MCT oil and why use that in our no-carb, vegan coffee pods?
Keto coffee with some ingredients next to it

Delicious keto coffee includes the perfect amount of natural MCT oil for energy and taste. This leads to an important question; what is MCT oil and why use that in our no-carb, vegan coffee pods?

The language used to explain things that are good to eat – and things that carry risks – can get rather confusing. Especially when the scientific terms are used to describe ingredients that are actually provided by Mother Nature!

A great example is MCT oil – or medium-chain triglyceride oil in full.

Put aside any concerns that this is some sort of synthetic nonsense added as a preservative, filler or flavour enhancer. In fact, MCT oil is just the official title of something you can extract naturally from coconuts!

So, you will often see it referred to as…..coconut oil. Though it is slightly different, as we will show you. This article shakes down more facts about how MCT oil is made, as it plays such a key role in creating the best keto coffee, using our Nespresso compatible pods.

How MCT oil is produced


It’s hard to believe that nutrition-packed and delicious coconuts contain fats, but they do.

It’s in the white pulp of the coconut’s nut. When you press the flesh, you can push out coconut oil. This contains two types of fatty compounds, MCTs and LCTs (long-chain triglycerides).

If you have the know-how, you can then carefully extract the MCTs to produce a subtly different oil that’s particularly beneficial to your health.

MCT oil can only be produced from coconuts or palm kernels. Whereas you find LCTs in lots of things you eat, like meat, fish and nuts.

What makes MCT oil special?

The reason we go to all this trouble and include MCT oil in our Keto Coffee Pods is that this type of fat is easy for your body to absorb. It bypasses many digestive processes and goes straight to your liver, to be transformed into instant energy.

Of course, this makes it ideal for anyone with digestive ailments, such as IBS, Crohn’s disease, and pancreatitis.

However, for everyone else, it gives you an energy source that’s less likely to be stored as body fat. Also, drinking our keto coffee can make you feel full, for some time, making you less likely to eat snacks or treats.

Before you rush off to buy lots of our keto-friendly coffee pods with MCT oil to manage your weight, it is not a magic bullet! Simply another great reason to buy our healthy Nespresso pods.

Also, there’s a lot of research underway to confirm more advantages of consuming MCT oil. This includes its potential to decrease cholesterol, contribute to better cardiovascular health, and help to manage diabetes and some skin conditions.

It may even play a key role in reducing inflammation.

One thing that is widely recognised already, is that having Bulletproof-style coffee drinks – like our Keto Coffee Pods with MCT oil – can be a great pre or post-exercise option. You get a fabulous energy source that travels quickly to where it’s most needed.

Why MCT oil is perfect for keto diets, vegans and vegetarian

Setting aside the value MCT oil has as an easy to absorb source of energy, we add it to our increasingly popular Keto Coffee Pods for more great reasons.

Clearly, it contains no carbs or sugars. If you are on a low or no-carb diet, MCT oil replicates the effect of carbohydrates, including giving your brain the fuel it needs.

It’s worth stressing that it’s a brilliant plant-based alternative to milk too, for a delicious tasting coffee drink with added energy.

Try drinks containing MCT oil

Two mugs of keto coffee

You can find recipes that use MCT oil, but why bother when we have formulated a carefully balanced amount in our pods.

Getting a healthy amount of MCT oil by consuming a superbly balanced medium-rich roast coffee drink makes sense. You will find it adds depth to our Nespresso coffee pod alternatives.

Does MCT oil give our coffee a coconut taste? If that bothers you, please be assured our pods can make even coconut-haters smile!

Of course, the best way to put MCT oil to the test is to order Keto Coffee Pods online, and brew up your own perfect morning pick-me-up, or mid-day reviver!




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