The Complete Guide to Keto Coffee: Recipes, Benefits and More

Bulletproof coffee and coconut

You don’t need expensive coffee shops to get your perfect beverage, when you use our Nespresso-ready Keto Coffee Pods as the basis for these delicious hot and iced drink options.

Our pods are not just for coffee fans on keto diets. They are a great option for anyone else who is looking for a delicious twist on coffee drinks.

We have formulated our Nespresso compatible Keto Coffee Pods using pure, single source Brazilian Arabica beans. The best, to create a truly delicious brew.

Then, to help our customers enjoy the perfect energy boost (without reliance on any form of carbohydrates) we have mixed in MCT oil. This is why we called them Keto Coffee capsules.

Much to our delight, the balanced nutritional elements and gloriously rich, medium-dark roast flavour are getting these pods lots of attention from non-keto customers too!

Especially anyone who uses their morning espresso or latte to raise their energy levels up for the day, or people who find our coffee the perfect pre or post-exercise drink.

The secret is our balance of ingredients

Coffee beans

It’s the careful blend we use that makes our new Keto Coffee Pods so inspirational and energy-packed!

Our pods for Nespresso contain a carefully measured amount of MCT oil. This is derived from organic coconuts and is the ideal source of easy to absorb fatty acids.

So, if you have digestive issues like Crohn’s Disease or IBS, you can pop a Keto Coffee Pod in your Nespresso machine with more confidence.

This type of oil is less likely to be stored as body fat. Making it a handy option for anyone managing their weight, not least as it’s a way of having good tasting coffee that’s sugar-free.

That’s on top of the fact that our keto coffee drinks will satisfy some of your hunger pangs too. Making it less likely you will snack on the naughty stuff!

Those are just some of the benefits of buying our Keto Coffee Pods online, to switch with your usual Nespresso capsules.

The next question is, what drinks can you create with Keto Coffee Pods from Rejuvenation Waters?

Ways to take your coffee, keto-style

You could just pop a pod in your machine for a quick espresso with added energy. However, here are some great ideas to get creative with keto-friendly drinks.

Bulletproof style coffee

To make the perfect keto coffee along the lines of globally popular Bulletproof Coffee – all you need is:

• One rejuvenation Keto Coffee Pod
• Grass-fed butter (in whatever quantity suits your tastes).

(Remember, you don’t need to mess about adding MCT oil, as it’s already in our pod.)

This provides you with a concentrated energy source, packed with rich coffee flavour, with no carbohydrates.

If you prefer a creamy coffee drink, simply stir in double cream for a delicious keto beverage.

Alternative milk-based coffees

Would you prefer a keto latte or cappuccino?

You just need the same two ingredients mentioned above, and then gently steam-heat a type of milk that’s keto-friendly, like unsweetened almond, soy or coconut milk.

It is possible to steam some plant milk types to a froth too, to make a delicious twist on a cappuccino.

Keto Mocha

Keto mocha coffee

Now we are getting really creative.
For a mocha keto-style, you need:

• A Keto Coffee Pod (with MCT oil already in)
• Keto-friendly milk, heated
• Organic cocoa nibs or sugar-free chocolate syrup.

Now doesn’t that sound tempting?

Flavoured coffees that are keto friendly

This is where we say, “over to you” and get you started on experimenting with different flavour combinations. Your keto coffee, your way.

For instance, mix in keto-friendly, zero-sugar syrups to add caramel or hazelnut tones to your Starbucks inspired keto coffee drink.

You can buy extracts too, which fit with keto dietary plans, such as vanilla and almond oils.

Why not spice it up! A sprinkle of nutmeg or cinnamon can add a new taste sensation to milk or cream-based keto coffee.

Can you drink iced coffee on keto diets?

Most certainly!

To make a nice iced keto coffee drink, stir cold nuts or soy milk in after you've brewed one of our pods. Add a few ice cubes - and sugar-free syrup if you want – for a coffee cooler keto style!

More perfect keto coffee ideas

We would love to hear your keto coffee recipes, to add to the ones above. Or tell us which one you found most satisfying, delicious and energy-boosting!

If you have yet to experiment with coffee drinks that are keto-friendly, then we recommend a regular subscription for our Nespresso compatible pods.You can get creative and go keto crazy that way!

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