Keto Coffee Benefits: Nutrition, Energy and More

Keto coffee latte

With the launch of our Nespresso compatible Keto Coffee capsules, we wanted to take the opportunity to highlight the benefits of Keto Coffee. 

And here's the thing:

Our single-serve coffee capsules perfect for those on a vegan diet, as well as anyone looking for a carbohydrate-free coffee drink for paleo, low-carb and ketogenic diets.

Why we dived into Keto coffee benefits

Coffee beans

Our original immunity-boosting pods for Nespresso are naturally caffeine-free. They are also ideal for anyone who doesn’t enjoy coffee, or who wants a refreshingly different beverage packed with nutritional extras.

However, the devoted R&D team at Rejuvenation Water couldn’t ‘just’ offer a healthy hot drink you can use instead of coffee. We also had to cater for the love of this hugely popular beverage.

In the UK, we drink around 95 million cups of coffee every day. Worldwide, there are about two billion cups of coffee gulped down daily!

The speed and convenience of pod machines for home use make it an increasingly common way to personalise your favourite hot drink. So we felt compelled to answer the question, “Is it possible to get Keto coffee benefits, in a pod?”

The answer? An overwhelming yes. 

Our new Keto Coffee capsules contain high-quality Brazilian coffee with all its gloriously unfettered caffeine kick! The pods create a luxurious and rich beverage, with chocolatey/fruity overtones and all the flavour you would expect from 100% Brazilian Arabica coffee beans.

The quality beans we use are handled with care too, as part of our dedication to creating hot and cold drinks that are not over-processed, but pure and natural.

Making coffee drinks on a vegan or ketogenic diet

One of the things that make our Keto Coffee pods so incredible is what is NOT included. They give you the option of brewing the perfect coffee beverage without sugar, carbohydrate or animal by-products.

A number of high-profile keto coffee brands, including Bulletproof Coffee™️, use dairy butter in their keto coffee recipes.

But not Rejuvenation Water. With our Nespresso compatible pods, you get the benefits of keto coffee, without the need for animal products.

The best part?

Our new Keto Coffee pods are especially energising and satisfying. Each pod is carefully created keto coffee benefits will fuel you for some time.

That’s because we blend the 100% Arabica coffee grind with Coconut MCT oil.

What is MCT oil?

The letters are an abbreviation of a scientific term, but fundamentally MCT refers to a group of easy to digest natural oils that can be quickly absorbed into the human bloodstream.

The oil we use is delicately extracted from high-grade, sustainably sourced coconuts.

MCT oil doesn’t flavour your beverage. However, it boosts the drink’s richness, and creates an energy boost, helping to curb your hunger between meals.

It's also appreciated by anyone with digestive issues, as a coffee drink with MCT oil provides a highly palatable and ‘kind’ source of energy.

Due to the fact MCT oil passes so quickly into your blood circulation, one of our Keto Coffee benefits is that it's perfect as a pre-workout boost, or a post-workout pick me up!

It could be that in the coming months more MCT oil health benefits are revealed by scientists taking a keen interest in its nutritional value.

Lastly, you may like to know that our Keto Coffee pods for Nespresso machines are a wonderful hot beverage for weight management too. As you get a great source of energy and only 13 calories in each coffee pod.

Where to order Keto Coffee pods

Bulletproof coffee

We couldn’t unveil our exciting new coffee health pod without paying homage to the original Bulletproof™️ keto-friendly coffee recipes. They inspired us to add to our own range of increasingly popular health drinks.

Also, don't forget all our Nespresso compatible pods are plastic and foil free. You can pop the biomass pods into your compost bin to biodegrade. Making them kind to your body and the planet!

You will shortly be able to try out Keto-friendly, vegan, sugar-free coffee capsules for original Nespresso machines, from the same team who introduced you to immunity-boosting alternatives.

In fact, by the time you read this, you may already be able to order keto coffee online.

Don’t forget to give us feedback for our latest delicious and healthy, single-serve drink.




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