Tropical Coconut Decaf Coffee Over Ice

This tropical coconut decaf iced coffee is the perfect drink for a summers evening, that won't keep you awake all night.
Tropical coconut decaf coffee over ice

Want the great taste of coconut keto coffee, but without the caffeine? Then you’ll be happy to hear we have just launched our new Nespresso compatible decaf keto coffee.


To celebrate this, I have created a refreshing, tropical coconut decaf coffee over ice. The perfect beverage for a cool summers evening when you want a tasty coffee beverage that won’t keep you awake for hours.


The Decaf Coffee Pod


The most important component of this refreshing coconut decaf iced coffee is the decaf keto coffee pod.


Our new decaf Nespresso pods are filled with 100% Arabica single origin Honduran coffee. Pair this with high quality MCT oil, derived from coconuts and you have the perfect coconut decaf coffee over ice.


Each pod is also made using 100% compostable materials so you can be sure that your tropical iced decaf coffee is good for the environment as well as your taste buds.


What is MCT Oil?

MCT oil is what makes our Nespresso compatible decaf coffee pods so good for you.  It is a supplement with many health benefits, along with creating a smooth creamy espresso. MCT stands for medium chain triglycerides and is found in the fat of coconuts. 


Studies have found that MCT oil can help to manage blood sugars, promote weight-loss and provide fast acting energy for the body.


For more about the benefits of MCT oil click here.


The Milk

To make this tropical coconut decaf iced coffee extra coconutty, I chose to use coconut milk.


Of course, any milk of your choice will work for this Nespresso decaf over ice latte but if you’re a fan of coconut then it’s a great choice.


Plus using coconut milk means that your tropical coconut decaf coffee over ice is vegan too!


The Method 

Thanks to the use of rejuvenation water’s Nespresso compatible decaf keto coffee pods, making an iced decaf coffee has never been easier.


Simply pop your decaf coffee pod in your Nespresso machine and press the single shot button. We recommend a single shot for fuller flavour and if you're wanting a stronger more intense coffee flavour, then a another shot using a new pod. 


Whilst the coffee is pouring, place ice your favourite glass and pour over the coconut milk (or milk of your choice). Then once your coffee is ready, pour the decaf coffee over ice and enjoy! 


For extra flavour in your tropical coconut decaf iced coffee you could add a coffee syrup such as coconut or even mango!

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