How to make Bulletproof Coffee at home

Bulletproof coffee has shot to fame, hitting the target for keto diet followers and anyone who wants an energy-boosting health drink. We show you how to make Bulletproof coffee at home with our pods.

If you're wondering ‘What is Bulletproof Coffee’ or looking for ways to make this popular hot drink yourself, then this article is for you. It will also show you how our Keto Coffee Pods for Nespresso make it easy to adapt and amend this global favourite.

Bulletproof Coffee (sometimes referred to as Butter Coffee) has become hugely popular for many reasons, though it was invented as the perfect hot drink for avoiding carbs on a keto diet.

It’s also a great replacement for breakfast, in a convenient form. Especially as you can put it in a flask or travel mug and drink it ‘on the go’. Unlike other quick and filling breakfast alternatives like cereal bars, Bulletproof Coffee has no added sugar or preservatives.

Other fans drink this beverage simply to improve their health and energy levels, at the same time as enjoying a delicious morning or post-exercise coffee they can make at home.

Of course, you may want a DIY version simply as you love the taste of Bulletproof Coffee!

Whatever your reasons for making it yourself, our pods – packed with high-grade Brazilian Arabica coffee – are a brilliant way to craft homemade Bulletproof coffee using Nespresso machines.

The secret of Bulletproof coffee’s success

Keto coffee in a glass with coconut

Before showing you simple steps to make Bulletproof Coffee your way, let’s look more closely at why it’s such a big phenomenon and why our Keto Coffee Pods are the perfect starting point.

The secret of Bulletproof Coffee is that it combines the most popular hot beverage in the world with healthy ingredients that boost energy, without carbs or sugar!
How is that possible? The true magic is in the use of good coffee beans, and two additions with proven abilities to provide sustainable energy. These are butter and coconut oil (or more specifically a version created from coconuts called MCT oil).

We’ve explained the benefits of MCT oil elsewhere and how it’s made but it creates a creamy, delicious coffee drink that makes you feel full. Also, it makes it easy to digest fat for anyone with dietary issues, or those managing their weight.

This is why MCT oil is already added to our Keto Coffee Nespresso-compatible Pods.

The butter (or ghee) you stir into Bulletproof Coffee also boosts energy and adds to its nutritional values. If you use a grass-fed version you are well within Keto diet guidelines.

Add in double cream for a keto coffee that’s luxurious and extra-rich!

Making Bulletproof Coffee your way

The easy way to make Bulletproof Coffee is clear. Pop one of our Keto Coffee Pods into your machine, and all you then need to add is butter or ghee to taste. (Remember, no mess or fuss with adding MCT oil as it’s already in our health pods.)

As it is such a straightforward method of making Bulletproof Coffee at home, it also becomes easy to amend it to match your preferences.

This includes making a version of Bulletproof Coffee that covers food allergies.
For example, if you are lactose intolerant or you want a vegan version of Bulletproof Coffee, simply use nut butter instead of dairy. You can also use plant-based milk to adapt your coffee drink to your tastes.

Making Bulletproof Coffee at home also means you can get creative with extra flavours.

For instance, after brewing one of our Keto Coffee Pods and stirring in butter and milk, why not make a flavoured latte alternative. You could use vanilla extract to make your coffee sweeter, or almond extract for a nutty Bulletproof beverage!

Another option for tailor-making Bulletproof Coffee is sprinkling on spices with health benefits, such as cinnamon or ginger.

Why not try homemade Bulletproof Coffee?

Hands holding Keto coffee pods

This is such a quick way to make an energy-packed coffee drink with no carbs, that you may now be wondering where you can buy keto coffee pods for Nespresso.

Rejuvenation Water is delighted to have added these to our healthy range of Nespresso-compatible pods. Making it possible for you to not only go “Bulletproof “ with your coffee but also make a quick, no-mess Matcha tea at home. As well as getting a terrific nutritional boost from our Immunity Health pods.

Try them and see for yourself how easy DIY Bulletproof Coffee is!

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