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Lacking taste inspiration whilst working from home? Getting bored of the kitchen tap? Or are you looking to thank or motivate employees or colleagues?

We've got you covered with our healthy Home Hydration Bundle.

Our Home Hydration Drinks Bundle combines our award-winning still British spring water range, that's enriched in plant-based amino acids and natural fruit juice, and our hydration+ range, that's enriched in plant-based amino acids and hydrating electrolytes.

Our nutritional drinks are designed to be a healthy alternative to the big branded sugary sodas and sport drinks. Whether you're looking for healthy drinks that offer refreshment without sugar or looking for a rehydration drink around exercise, the mix of drinks, in our Home Hydration Drinks Bundle, has you covered.

Rejuvenation water amino acid drink

The Home Hydration Bundle

Our Home Hydration Drinks Bundle contains 12 x 500ml of Great Taste Award winning still drinks and 12 x 250ml of our electrolyte enriched sparkling water.

  • 4 x Apple & Mint 500ml
  • 4 x Ginger & Lime 500ml
  • 4 x Spanish Orange 500ml
  • 4 x Cherry & Cranberry 250ml
  • 4 x Lime & Lemon 250ml
  • 4 x Tropical 250ml

Still Range

Our still range uses crisp Staffordshire spring water, natural fruit juices and 5g of L-Glutamine, a plant-based amino acid, per bottle. Derived from corn glucose, our L-Glutamine enriched spring water aids:

  • recovery post-exercise
  • the immune system
  • the digestive system

Our still range contains is vegan, has no added sugar and, with less that 60 calories, in a bottle, is low in calories.

See the range here

Rejuvenation water amino acid drinks

Hydration+ Range

Our sparkling water, hydration+ range contains natural fruit juices and is enriched in plant-based amino acids and hydrating electrolytes. With 2.5g of L-Glutamine per 250ml slimline can, our flavoursome sparkling is a great alternative to sugary sodas without losing the refreshment.

Helping to balance the electrolytes in the blood, our electrolyte packed sparkling water provides greater hydration vs water. Packed with potassium and calcium, two vital electrolytes, these electrolytes help conduct electricity within the body, assisting nerve and muscle function as well as balancing blood acidity.

You can see the full hydration+ range here

Girl with amino apple and mint drink
With such a flavoursome, healthy mix of drinks, our Home Hydration Drinks Bundle is designed to provide an assortment of healthy hydration and sports drinks to be delivered directly to your door.
This Home Hydration Drinks Bundle offers a considerable discount to purchasing separately and you can get 24 units for just £24.99. Furthermore, this comes with free UK delivery. With our refreshing fruit flavours, we've got flavours to suit all within our bundle.
Find out more about the Home Hydration Drinks Bundle here.

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