8 Benefits of Rejuvenation Water Health Pods

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Ticking all the right boxes for pure, natural ingredients, low sugar and vital nutrients, our Nespresso health pods are also delicious. We look behind the claims, to show you 8 clear benefits of buying Rejuvenation Water Health Pods.

When you find something that tastes good - which also does you good - it can seem ‘too good’ to be true.

However, Rejuvenation Water’s health pods for Nespresso machines are quickly earning a growing fan base. Not just because they can help you to make a delicious and versatile hot or cold beverage. Loyal customers are also keen to optimise all the health advantages of these capsules, often avoiding the need for multiple supplements.

What’s truly amazing, is that these are just some of the reasons our health pods are becoming so popular. Especially with people who care about their own health and the health of our planet.

If you haven't tried our Health Pods yet, we thought it would be worth spotlighting eight of the benefits of this unique coffee pod alternative.

1. Hot drink with zero caffeine

There are mixed views on the health issues surrounding coffee, and even decaffeinated versions have their critics. Some cheaper brands use dubious methods to process the beans.

One of the main advantages of switching to alternative Nespresso pods from Rejuvenate is that you get a naturally caffeine-free hot drink. This can be an espresso or latte with zero caffeine, and no shortage of flavour and refreshment.

2. The anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric

The carefully balanced ingredients in our health pods include much-discussed turmeric. There’s a good reason this spice is on so many lips (and in their tummies). It’s a flowering plant with powerful medicinal values, particularly as a natural anti-inflammatory.

Our health pods mean you get a convenient and enjoyable amount, by drinking turmeric in your coffee alternative, smoothie or iced beverage.

3. Vascular properties of beetroot

Superfood beetroot has also made it into our pods. Why consume beetroot in this easy to digest and pre-prepared form?

One of the reasons this veg is so highly recommended is that it improves cardiovascular health, including helping to regulate blood circulation. This also partly explains why our Nespresso compatible health pods give you such a safe energy boost and an immunity advantage.

4. 100% Vegan drink

Everything about Rejuvenate Water health pods is carefully designed and formulated, right down to offering you plastic-free Nespresso pods. As they are packed with natural plant extracts, you also get a 100% vegan-friendly hot drink.

5. Feed your good gut bacteria

Combating the excesses and stresses of modern life - by restoring the positive bacteria in your stomach- makes a great deal of sense. However, it’s not always easy to find food and drinks good for your gut that fit easily into modern lifestyles.

With our health pods you can quickly prepare an espresso-style shot, or blend your shot with any milk or fruit and veg for a convenient gut-boosting beverage.

6. Low sugar Nespresso pod alternative

Turmeric and beetroot espresso

We’ve mentioned the unique and smooth taste of our health pods. But did you know that we’ve achieved this without adding any sugar?

There’s only 0.6g of naturally occurring sugar in our Turmeric and Beetroot health drinks, making them a great option for low-calorie diets and customers with diabetes.

7. The pods are 100% compostable

Let’s move away from why these drink capsules are good for you, to why they are environmentally friendly Nespresso pods. We use plant biomass to manufacture our Nespresso-compatible pods, to make them biodegradable, making them a great addition to your compost heap.

8. Easy way to get 100% RDA of vitamins

Setting aside the impressive list of minerals you get in one of our pod drinks, they also happen to be a handy way to get 100% of your Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) of vitamins C and D. Perfect for the Autumn and winter months when it's difficult to get your daily dose of Vitamin D from sunshine.

You need two cups a day to get your daily intake, and the bonus is a substantial amount of Vitamin E.

Nutritionally excellent hot drink

These are just eight of the reasons to stock up on our Nespresso alternative capsules. Other benefits include finding a healthier alternative to coffee and buying a safe energy drink.

With so many nutrients in each Rejuvenate Water Health pod, you could also potentially save money as well as time. You don’t need multiple vitamin and mineral supplements, just one delicious alternative latte or espresso each morning.



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