4 Most Popular Ways To Enjoy Healthy Nespresso Capsules

Turmeric and Beetroot latte

Switching from coffee to an alternative that’s packed with valuable nutrients – and which boosts energy – makes sense. Especially as it tastes amazing. So, let’s explore 4 ways to enjoy your Rejuvenation Water Nespresso Capsules.

Put away your blender and forget packing your fridge and fruit bowl with perishable goodies. It’s now possible to get a health drink as a Nespresso compatible pod.

We’ve given you lots of insights into the nutritional values of our alternative Nespresso pods, which blend turmeric and beetroot to boost immunity. We’ve also explained that these capsules are packed with vitamins and minerals, to provide you with a safe energy drink, as well as a healthy alternative to coffee.

Now, let’s answer a more fundamental question. How do you drink Nespresso Rejuvenation health pods?

The choice is yours, but here are the four most popular options to create great hot and cold drinks using our Nespresso compatible capsules. Including how they can replace two of the world’s most popular coffee drinks – Espressos and Lattes.

1. As an energising espresso shot

Turmeric and Beetroot espresso

Pop a health pod into your Nespresso machine, and create a pure, natural espresso style drink that’s good for you.

Having your Rejuvenation Capsule contents in a concentrated form like this packs a powerful nutritional punch. It also gives you a safe energy surge.

This is why many customers recommend Nespresso Rejuvenation Capsules as a breakfast choice mid-week. Get yourself over your ‘hump day’ and on the way to the weekend, with a reviving and revitalising espresso shot drink that’s good for you.

Espresso shots using our Nespresso alternative pods also provide a great pre-exercise energy boost.

2. Add milk for a healthy latte

Woman drinking Turmeric and Beetroot Super latte

Whether it’s your way of easing into a working day, or the perfect drink for a relaxing Sunday morning, lattes are an ever-popular hot beverage.

There’s no reason it has to be coffee you add to steamed milk though. Our health pods combine wonderfully with all types of dairy or plant-based milk.

If you switch one or more of your weekly coffee fixes for a nutritionally rich alternative, you can enjoy your Nespresso pod latte any time of the day. Including putting your healthy latte style drink in a portable insulated mug, for a soothing and delicious brew ‘on the go’.

3. Go Icy

Turmeric and Beetroot iced latte

Summer is coming and demand for iced coffee drinks is starting to grow.

You may still prefer the taste of our Nespresso Rejuvenation health pods as a hot drink, but you can go cold if you wish! Cool your Nespresso espresso shot down, and then add it to ice. Or, learn how to create an iced latte that’s good for you. The creamy contents of your health pod, mixed with fresh milk of all kinds is the perfect energising cold drink for hot days.

You could try an Affogato. What’s an Affogato? It’s an espresso shot poured over vanilla ice cream, served in a cappuccino cup. Now there’s a great idea for a summer health drink that tastes decadent, using our pods!

One of our healthy capsules as an iced drink is also ideal post-exercise, to give you renewed vigour, lots of essential vitamins and minerals and cool refreshment.

4. Pre or post exercise Smoothie ideas

Rejuvenation water health pods

The fourth way to enjoy Rejuvenation Water Nespresso Capsules is to get creative and use that fridge and bowl full of fruit and veg after all!

The delicately blended mix of natural ingredients in our health pods for Nespresso machines is designed to provide substantial amounts of prebiotic plant fibre, amino acids and Vitamins C, D and E, for example.

However, you can create an even more nutritious pre or post-exercise smoothie if you add the capsule drink to a blend of other good stuff. For example, you can make a banana and strawberry smoothie with the added bonus of turmeric and beetroot, and give apple and carrot a kick with one of our health pods.

Tell us what works for you, please!

We receive many recommendations for Nespresso pod alternatives drinks, using our pods. But we are hungry for more.

Get in touch to tell us how you enjoyed drinking our Rejuvenation Health Pods, especially your smoothie recipes so we can try them too!

Share photos on our social media platforms, to inspire our growing community of Nespresso Health Pod fans.






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