Does Nespresso make matcha pods?

Nespresso machines mean you can make barista level coffees in your home, but what about matcha?
Does Nespresso make matcha pods?

What is matcha?

Before we dive into matcha Nespresso pods, many of you may be wondering what matcha green tea is. 


The word ‘matcha’ is derived from the Japanese words for ‘ground’ and ‘tea’. Matcha was originally produced in China before eventually being cultivated in Japan.

It is produced directly from the leaves of the green tea plant, Camellia sinensis. Many other forms of green tea are obtained from this plant, but when it is cultivated to produce matcha in particular, it is grown in a unique manner.

Farmers who are growing Camellia sinensis to obtain matcha tea cover the plant for the final 20-30 days of growth to decrease its sunlight exposure. The decreased amount of sunlight causes the plant’s leaves to produce more chlorophyll.

Increased levels of chlorophyll lead to an increase in a range of beneficial phytonutrients (plant compounds). In particular, there is an increase in the number of polyphenols and amino acids, which contribute to the amazing nutritional profile of matcha tea.

The increase in chlorophyll is also responsible for the characteristic deep green colour and the delicious flavour of matcha powder. It also leads to matcha containing a high amount of caffeine and L-theanine compared to other forms of green tea.


For more information on how matcha tea is made click here

Does Nespresso make matcha pods?


Can you make matcha in an espresso machine?


Unfortunately, you can not make matcha with an espresso machine. Placing matcha powder in the portafilter will not produce matcha that is palatable, as the high temperature and lack matcha powder being able to go through the filter, will create a bitter and watery matcha. 


Does Nespresso make green tea pods?


Nespresso do not make green tea pods for their Nespresso machines. However, you can buy Nespresso green tea pods from rejuvenation water.


They make Nespresso matcha pods that fit any original Nespresso machine. This means to make the perfect matcha espresso all you have to do is pop a matcha Nespresso pod in your machine and watch the green goodness pour out. 


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