Does Nespresso Make Matcha Tea?

If you've been searching for Matcha pods to fit your original Nespresso machine, then you may have been struggling to find them - until now.
Does Nespresso Make Matcha Tea?

Most of you probably use your Nespresso machine to create delicious, frothy coffees before work. You might be one of those people who can’t function properly without your morning cup of coffee.

Maybe you love a milky latte or you prefer a straight shot of strong espresso. Whatever your preference, your coffee machine does it all. But your handy Nespresso machine can do more than you think!

Alongside the many different kinds of coffee pods that you can get for your Nespresso machine, you can also get tea products. You can get tea pods to use in your machine, including matcha green tea pods.

Okay, so a cup of tea in the mornings might not sound like a fair trade for your usual caffeine-filled coffee. But remember that tea also contains caffeine so it will give you that energy boost that you need to start your day.

Plus, choosing matcha green tea pods for your Nespresso coffee machine provides you with a bunch of extra health benefits besides the energy boost! Matcha tea has lots of beneficial plant compounds that fuel your body and protect you against disease.

Some of the additional health benefits of matcha green tea include:

  • Antioxidant properties
  • Anti-cancer properties
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Increased relaxation
  • Improved cognitive performance
  • Better sleep

Drinking matcha tea in the mornings instead of coffee will also prevent you from having an energy crash just an hour or two later. The caffeine in matcha is released more slowly into your bloodstream, giving you prolonged energy for the day ahead.


Does Nespresso Make Matcha Tea Pods?

So, if matcha tea is a better option for your morning drink, the question is where can you get matcha green tea pods that are compatible with Nespresso machines?



Nespresso sells a range of tea pods, including Earl Grey, but they don’t sell individual matcha tea pods. But don’t worry! Here at Rejuvenation Water, we do!

Our Matcha Energy Health Pods are a popular product because of their amazing taste and incredible health benefits. You can enjoy all of the benefits of the matcha green tea plant in an enjoyable and easy way.

Once you get your 10-pack of Matcha Energy Health Pods (or a larger pack if you’re already a fan), all you need to do is pop a matcha pod into your Nespresso coffee machine as you normally would. Within just a few minutes, your hot matcha drink will be ready. You don’t need to do anything else!

What’s great about our matcha green tea pods is the fact that you don’t need to use a whisk to get a frothy, delicious consistency. The pods will naturally create a froth-filled beverage for you to enjoy.


All of the Nespresso pods that we have available here at Rejuvenation Water are compostable and biodegradable because of the plant fibres that the packaging is made from. When you’re finished with the pods, place them into your compost bin and they can biodegrade naturally.




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