Does matcha make you poop?

We answer the important questions around the less glamorous side affects of drinking matcha!
Does matcha make you poop?

Matcha green tea is beverage that has been drunk for over 900 years.

However, in the last 10 years the bright green drink has become very popular in the media and caused an increase in sales.


Most people who consume matcha green tea powder have done so because of the bright green Instagramble looks of the drink and general understanding that matcha green tea has many health benefits associated to it.


But what about some of the other side effects that come from drinking matcha?


Does matcha make you poop? Does matcha make you bloated? Does matcha make you lose weight?


These are just some of the top questions that we will answer in today’s blog.



Does Matcha Make You Lose Weight?


If you’ve started drinking matcha for its health benefits, then I’m sure weight loss was top of your list of reasons.


Green tea has long been linked to weight loss due to its high catechins content.


Catechins are a variety of powerful antioxidants, which among other things, have been shown in several studies to boost the metabolic rate after ingestion.


Plus the high caffeine content of matcha and matcha lattes will also contribute to weight loss as this can suppress your appetite.



Does Matcha Make You Poop Green?


This is another commonly asked question by many matcha enthusiasts across the globe. Yes, matcha green tea does turn your poop green, but only when consumed in large quantities.


Essentially, matcha contains a tannin component that can stimulate disorders like abdominal discomfort and greener stools.


This is simply because it binds well with color-related components resulting in the defecation of greenish-like stool.


However, you should keep in mind that it mainly happens on the occasion of heavy intakes.


It is unlikely that your morning Nespresso matcha latte will cause you poop to go green!


Matcha green tea powder

Does Matcha Green Tea Make You Poop?


This is one of the main questions asked about matcha green tea and the answer for does matcha green tea make you poop is yes!


The majority of people who drink matcha regularly report that they experience an increase in bowel movements.


Drinking matcha will make you poop due to its composition.


The caffeine and high levels of antioxidants in matcha are what cause this increase in bowel movements.


For instance, caffeine increases gut motility, although it may not be a huge contributor to increased bowel movements.

However, a combination of vast amounts of caffeine and antioxidants in matcha may stimulate contractions of intestinal walls leading to defecation.


Does matcha make you bloated?


In theory matcha green tea shouldn’t make you bloat, but it can affect everyone differently.


However, some people are caffeine sensitive and matcha green tea has a high amount. If you can drink coffee without digestive upset, then matcha shouldn’t bother you.


 That said, be cautious about what you add to your matcha. If you add cream or milk, you might experience gas or bloating.


A vegan matcha latte may solve any gas or bloating issues you are having after drinking your matcha latte.


Nespresso matcha

Where to buy matcha green tea

Traditionally, to make matcha you need a delicate bamboo whisk, that needs a lot of care and you whisk the matcha up. This can be messy and is very time consuming to wash, clean and store the bamboo whisk. 


If you have a Nespresso machine, I'm sure you are wondering if you can use a Nespresso machine to make your morning Nespresso matcha latte. 

Using a Nespresso machine to make matcha is a super convenient and quick way. 

Unfortunately, Nespresso do not make green tea pods or Matcha Nespresso pods. 


Luckily even though Nespresso do not make matcha for Nespresso machines, at Rejuvenation water we sell Nespresso compatible matcha pods.


We use premium grade Japanese matcha, with added prebiotic fibre and B vitamins, all packed into a compostable pod.


With the higher antioxidant contents, higher levels of caffeine, and more diverse amino acid profile than other green tea products, matcha is the perfect option when you’re trying to boost your health.


All of this plus the 8 added B vitamins are what makes our Nespresso matcha pods so good for you.


Making sure you have enough vitamin B is very important and they all do different things for your body.


Overall, the 8 added vitamin Bs will improve your hair, skin and nails but most importantly, will provide you will long-lasting energy. 


 By Alex Warmisham ANutr - Nutritionist at Rejuvenation Water 



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