What's the difference between coffee and keto coffee?

Black coffee is already keto, so why drink keto coffee? This blog outlines the key differences and why you should be drinking keto coffee!
What's the difference between coffee and keto coffee?

What's the difference between coffee and keto coffee?

If you've not heard of the keto diet, you maybe wondering 'what is keto coffee?' and 'What's the difference between coffee and keto coffee?'.


This is a very commonly asked question by many people as coffee, black with no sugar, is in fact keto. So this must mean that coffee is keto coffee.. right? 


Well there are a few key differences to keto coffee that makes it so special and more beneficial than coffee, not just to those following the keto diet but everyone.

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What is keto coffee?

 Before we jump in to what's the difference between coffee and keto coffee, we should talk about what is keto coffee?


Keto coffee (a.k.a bulletproof coffee) is a style of coffee that is hugely popular in the keto community.


Keto coffee is a beverage typically made with coffee plus MCT oil and/or butter.


What is so beneficial about keto coffee is the added MCT oil. 


What is MCT oil?

What is MCT oil? you ask . Well in short, MCT oil is a type of fat derived from coconuts - making it vegan friendly!


But what makes MCT oil so good is this type of fat is easy for your body to absorb. It by passes many digestive processes and goes straight to your liver, to be transformed into instant energy.

Of course, this makes it ideal for anyone with digestive ailments, such as IBS, Crohn’s disease, and pancreatitis.


However, for everyone else, it gives you an energy source that’s less likely to be stored as body fat.


Also, drinking keto coffee can make you feel full, for some time, making you less likely to eat snacks or treats - which can lead to weight loss. 


There’s a lot of research underway to confirm more advantages of consuming MCT oil. This includes its potential to decrease cholesterol, contribute to better cardiovascular health, and help to manage diabetes and some skin conditions.


It may even play a key role in reducing inflammation.


One thing that is widely recognised already, is that having Bulletproof-style coffee drinks – like our Keto Coffee Pods with MCT oil – can be a great pre or post-exercise option. You get a fabulous energy source that travels quickly to where it’s most needed.


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What's the difference between coffee and keto coffee?

So what's the difference between coffee and keto coffee?


Well, besides what we have discussed with the added MCT oil and other fats, the other main difference is the lack of sugar.


Sugar is a huge health risk in todays society. It is added to alarming amount of food and drink products and at a high volume. 


High amounts of sugar can cause health problems such as, diabetes, weight gain, tooth decay and heart disease. 


Reducing your sugar intake is really important and keto coffee is a great place to start. 


The average person has 1- 2 teaspoons of sugar in their coffee. This doesn't seem like a lot until you compare it to the 7 teaspoons of sugar that is recommend as the maximum amount of sugar we should have daily. 


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Where to buy keto coffee 

You can buy keto coffee from rejuvenation water.


Our Nespresso compatible keto coffee pods don't have any sugar in but is naturally sweeter tasting then regular espresso due to the added MCT oil that brings some added flavour and creates a creamy vegan espresso in seconds. 


Not only are our keto Nespresso pods good for you but they are good for the planet too! Each pod is fully compostable and will return to mother nature in 6 months. 


Finally, each pod also contains prebiotic fibre, keeping your gut happy too. 


You can also buy our decaf keto coffee pods, to give you all the great benefits of keto coffee but without the caffeine. 



By Alex Warmisham ANutr - Nutritionist at Rejuvenation Water




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