Can I have bulletproof coffee everyday?

We look into the key benefits you're missing out on if you're not drinking a bulletproof coffee everyday
bulletproof coffee

Can I have bulletproof coffee everyday?

What is bulletproof coffee?

If you don't follow the ketogenic (keto) diet, then I'm sure you are asking 'what is bulletproof coffee?'. 


Bulletproof coffee (aka Butter coffee) is a drink that combines coffee, MCT oil and butter/ghee (or a similar, plant-based, high fat product if you're vegan).


These three ingredients are mixed together using a blender until it achieved a smooth and frothy consistency similar to a latte.

 keto breakfast

Bulletproof coffee was invented by Dave Asprey. It’s a keto-friendly version of milky coffee that is enjoyed by people around the world.


Not only is keto coffee suitable for those following the keto diet, but it’s also ideal if you’re intermittent fasting, eating one meal a day (OMAD), or you’re trying to lose weight.


This is because it contains no carbohydrates, so it doesn’t ‘wake up’ your metabolism. Instead, your body remains in a fasted state (also known as ketosis). Many people enjoy bulletproof coffee for breakfast so they can fast for as long as possible.


With the long list of  benefits of bulletproof coffee, it is no wonder this beverage is so popular, not only in the keto community, but by people not following the diet that understand the health benefits of adding MCT oil to the diet, such as for a pre-workout


However, bulletproof coffees have got a bad reputation for their long preparation time and blending of specialised ingredients (MCT oil). 


Can I have bulletproof coffee everyday?

A morning coffee is a common thing that most people have everyday. 


However, is it the same for bulletproof coffees? The high fat beverage has got people asking ' Can I have bulletproof coffee everyday? '. 


The answer yes, you can have bulletproof coffee everyday, especially if you are following the keto diet. 


Bulletproof coffees can help with weight loss as research has shown that MCT oil can help induce and maintain the body in a state of ketosis (where your body burns fats stores for energy and not glucose).


This then leads to weight loss, usually at a very fast rate, which is often the main goal for people following the keto diet. 


Also as bulletproof coffees are so high in fat, this will leave you feeling fuller for longer, due to the satiating quality of fat. 


This means you can reduce your calorie intake as a morning bulletproof coffee everyday can see you through till lunchtime. 



How To Make Bulletproof coffee

The easy way to make Bulletproof Coffee is:

Step 1

Pop one of our Keto Coffee Pods into your machine and press the espresso button and pour into your favourite latte glass or mug.

Step 2

Stir in 1tsp of butter or ghee, which ever you would prefer (remember, no mess or fuss with adding MCT oil as it’s already in our health pods).

Step 3 - Optional

Add heavy cream for an extra boost of fat and creamy bulletproof coffee.

Step 4 


Watch this instagram video for step-by-step instructions


Coconut coffee with play button over


Where to buy bulletproof coffee

Now we know the answer to the question ' can I have bulletproof coffee everyday? '  is yes, I'm sure you are wondering where you can buy bulletproof coffee.


The simplest and quickest way to make a bulletproof coffee is using Rejuvenation water's keto coffee pods or decaf keto coffee pods


 By Alex Warmisham ANutr - Nutritionist at Rejuvenation Water 




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