Can you use Nespresso pods for a bulletproof coffee?

This blog explains what bulletproof coffee is and how you can make it using Nespresso compatible keto coffee pods.
Can you use Nespresso pods for a bulletproof coffee?

What is bulletproof coffee?

If you don't follow the ketogenic (keto) diet, then I'm sure you are asking 'what is bulletproof coffee?'. 


Bulletproof coffee (aka Butter coffee) is a drink that combines coffee, MCT oil and butter/ghee (or a similar, plant-based, high fat product if you're vegan).

These three ingredients are mixed together using a blender until it achieved a smooth and frothy consistency similar to a latte.


Bulletproof coffee was invented by Dave Asprey. It’s a keto-friendly version of milky coffee that is enjoyed by people around the world.


Not only is keto coffee suitable for those following the keto diet, but it’s also ideal if you’re intermittent fasting, eating one meal a day (OMAD), or you’re trying to lose weight.


This is because it contains no carbohydrates, so it doesn’t ‘wake up’ your metabolism. Instead, your body remains in a fasted state (also known as ketosis). Many people enjoy bulletproof coffee for breakfast so they can fast for as long as possible.


With the long list of  benefits of bulletproof coffee, it is no wonder this beverage is so popular, not only in the keto community, but by people not following the diet that understand the health benefits of adding MCT oil to the diet, such as for a pre-workout


However, bulletproof coffees have got a bad reputation for their long preparation time and blending of specialised ingredients (MCT oil). 


Can you use Nespresso pods for bulletproof coffee?

Not only can you use Nespresso pods for bulletproof coffees but you can even get Nespresso pods that are bulletproof coffees, well almost!


Rejuvenation waters Nespresso compatible pods have MCT oil already blended into them. This saves the hassle of blending the MCT oil yourself and creates a smooth, creamy espresso.


This convenience and the time saving benefits, makes them one of the best bulletproof coffee products. Plus, unlike adding it separately and 'mixing' the oil in, which creates a coffee with oil blobs floating around in it, you get a creamy espresso with everything incorporated. 


Each pod is compostable, meaning their convenience isn't at the cost of the earth. 


You can then use these Nespresso compatible keto coffee pods to create a latte using a milk alternative. Almond and coconut milk are the best milk alternatives for the keto diet, as they contain less carbohydrates then regular milk or oat milk.


You could add butter and/or ghee to make a more conventional and high fat bulletproof coffee.

keto coffee


Where to Buy Bulletproof Coffee

You can get delicious and high-quality bulletproof coffee pods in the UK from Rejuvenation Water. We have the best bulletproof coffee pods that are compatible with Nespresso coffee machines, meaning you can enjoy a stress-free hot cup of keto coffee each morning.


Making Bulletproof coffee 

Now you know everything there is to know about bulletproof coffee, it’s time to start making it!


For those of you who are already following the ketogenic diet or you are intermittent fasting, you can drink your bulletproof coffee at any time before you usually eat your first meal. It won’t ‘ruin’ your fast and you will still be in a fat-burning state until you consume some carbohydrates.


Remember to try out lots of different variations of the traditional bulletproof coffee recipe to see what works best for you. If you enjoy quite a few different flavourings, switch it up every day and keep things varied.


Drinking your keto coffee should be enjoyable and it should give you all of the energy you need to start your day.



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