7 Best Keto Coffee Starbucks Orders

The best keto coffee Starbucks orders for anyone following the keto diet.
Barista preparing a starbucks keto coffee

Following the keto diet can be hard to stick to. Especially when you have an on the go lifestyle or don't want to give up your favourite places to eat and drink out. Secret carbs and artificial sweeteners mean a lot of asking questions and checking nutritional labels.

Many people want bulletproof coffee recipes and keto friendly drink ideas for the home, but what are the best keto coffees you can order when you are out?

For those that don't understand the ketogenic diet, you can appear to be a picky customer. But you can save time and those inquisitive looks by following our simple steps.

Keto Tips at Starbucks 

The beauty of Starbucks is the endless combinations and customisable drinks they offer. Therefore, knowing what to and what not to order at Starbucks when on the keto diet will stop you making any mistakes to take you out of ketosis.

Questions to Ask The Barista 

Firstly, when ordering keto coffee from a shop you need to check that the plant-based milk that they are using is unsweetened.

Many coffee shops use a sweetened version or a barista version (which also contains more sugar).

So, it is always a good idea to check with the barista, to make sure you aren't having any unexpected carbs. 

Skip the whipped cream

Yes, it may be full of fat, but at Starbucks it will also be full of sugar and should be avoided.

Skinny Isn't Keto Friendly 

You should also avoid the 'skinny drinks'.

Many people think that because they are skinny, they will be keto diet friendly.

However, they are often made with fat free milk and sugar-free syrup, with most of the drinks having 20 grams of carbs, or more, each!

Avoid Cow's Milk  

Cow's milk has a very high carb content and should be avoided.

A great swap for cow's milk is heavy cream or almond milk. These will be your lowest carb options at Starbucks.

Sugar Free Does Not Mean Carb free

Often the sugar free syrups at Starbucks have around 1 gram of carbs per two pumps.

This means you want to be very specific about quantities when adding a sugar-free syrup to your order.

However, don't be afraid to add them, a little amount will go a long way and won't be enough to kick you out of ketosis.

Are the sweeteners at Starbucks keto friendly?

No, skip the sweeteners that Starbucks provide and bring your own. The sweeteners that Starbucks stocks aren't keto friendly and you should bring a sweetener from home that uses monk fruit if you do you want to use sweeteners.  


7 Best Keto Coffees to Order at Starbucks  


1. Espresso Shots (1g net carbs)

Espresso is essentially free of carbs (about half a gram per shot), so order yourself a doppio, aka two shots, and either sip it as is or add a splash of cream or almond milk if it’s too bitter for you.


2. Drip, Iced or Cold Brew Coffee (0g- 1g Net Carbs)

Just like the espresso, the easiest and best keto coffee at Starbucks is plain old coffee topped with hot water or ice.

This is virtually carb free, depending what size/ how many shots you get.


3. Hot or Cold Coffees with Sugar-Free Syrup (1g+ Net Carbs)

Of course, plain black coffee isn't for everyone. If you need a bit of sweetness to your coffee, then adding a sugar-free syrup is a great way to.

However, they do have hidden carbs which could kick you out of ketosis is used in excess.  

As long as you stick to two pumps (aka about 1g of net carbs) and use almond milk or a small amount of heavy cream, you’re in the clear.


4. Keto Frappuccino (5g Net Carbs)

Great for a summer treat, a Frappuccino can still be made into a great keto coffee at Starbucks.

Just order a Grande iced coffee, with a splash of heavy cream and 2/3 pumps of sugar-free vanilla syrup.


5. Tall Latte or Cappuccino with Heavy Cream (6g Net Carbs) 

Although cow's milk should be avoided, full fat dairy heavy cream has a much lower carb count and is much higher in fat, which is often preferable for those following the keto diet.

Similar to a bulletproof coffee but without the MCT oil, this is a great keto coffee at Starbucks. 


6. Grande Almond Flat White (2g Net Carbs)

Flat whites are a great keto coffee as they have less milk than a latte but still give a creamy, velvety coffee.

Swapping cow's milk for almond milk reduces the carbs and gives the coffee a slight nutty flavour that some people prefer.

With only 1g net carbs per cup of almond milk, plus the carb free espresso, this is a popular choice. 


7. Tall Low-Carb Mocha (~10-12g Net Carbs)

Even though a drink says 'skinny' on it, it isn't actually keto friendly. These lower calorie drinks often have a high carb content.

For instance, a grande Skinny Mocha has about 20g net carbs. However, with a few tweaks you can make it a more suitable treat. 

Make it a tall, use only one/two pumps of skinny mocha and ask the barista to use almond milk or heavy cream. 


Final Thoughts  

Following the keto diet can feel very restrictive so being able to have the treats you love is very important and sometimes making bulletproof coffees at home is a hassle.

Hopefully these keto coffee Starbucks orders will help you with your keto journey.

However, if you do love staying in and making your own bulletproof coffees with MCT oil, then our keto coffee Nespresso compatible capsules could improve your DIY experience.

No need for a blender as we’ve done all the blending for you. Just drink as an espresso or add a splash of almond milk or heavy cream for a quick and easy vegan bulletproof coffee.

Barista Pouring Keto Coffee Starbucks 


By Alex Warmisham ANutr - Nutritionist at Rejuvenation Water



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