The Best Keto Coffee Pods

These keto coffee pods will not only make your life easier but they taste great too.
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What is Keto Coffee?

If you're new to the keto diet you may not have heard of Bulletproof coffee. Bulletproof coffee (aka butter coffee) is a blend of coffee, MCT oil and butter or grass-fed ghee. 

This sounds like an unusual combination but bulletproof coffees have become extremely popular in the keto community and for many a staple to their morning routine, with people using bulletproof coffees as a meal replacement in the morning to continue fasting.

I'm sure this has now got many of you asking 'what is MCT oil?'. Well, MCT stands for medium chain triglycerides, which are a type of dietary triglyceride made of fatty acids that are, as their name suggests, medium in length.

MCTs are naturally found in coconut oil, which is why some people refer to keto coffee as coconut coffee. 

Keto coffee is coffee blended with MCT oil. Because of this, the benefits of keto coffee are much greater than just drinking plain coffee. More and more people are choosing to drink keto coffee, even those not on the keto diet.

This is because the MCT oil in Keto coffee can act as an instant source of energy due to their shorter chain length. Unlike long chain triglycerides (LCTs), MCTs do not need bile to break them down to pass from the gut to the liver. Once in the liver they are used as an immediate source of energy. 

There are many bulletproof coffee recipes for making them at home. However, this task is often long and the results are low quality due to the blending of the MCT oil and the butter, which can be messy and complicated. 

This has lead many to question where to buy keto coffee instead of making it at home.

Fortunately some companies have made keto coffee pods, that already contain MCT oil blended into them. 


The Best Keto Coffee Pods 

1. Nespresso compatible Keto Coffee Pods by Rejuvenation water 

As the only UK brand with Nespresso compatible pods, this is the best keto coffee option for anyone wanting an easy to make and tasty keto coffee using a Nespresso machine. 

Each pod creates a creamy dairy-free coffee, made from a blend of 100% Brazilian Arabica coffee and 2000mg of MCT oil.

Plus they're good for the environment as each pod is fully compostable and all the ingredients used are plant-based. 

Available from 40p/pod at


2. Keto Coffee Pods by Greenside  (K cups)

Also K cups so not suitable for Nespresso machines but these cups are low in carbs and high in flavour.

They are also packed with 150mg of MCT oil to help increase your energy levels and speed up your metabolism, this is the highest MCT oil content of all the pods. 

However, this could be why they are also the most expensive. 

$1.28/pod when you buy 10 pods


3. Brain PowerKeto Coffee Pods by SOLLO (K cups)

These keto k cups are packed with the most nutrients and vitamins.

Each pod contains MCT, Acai & Vitamins B1, B5, B6, B9, B12, D3.  The supplements will fuel your brain and body all day long.

$1.09/pod 24 pods 


4. Keto Coffee K cups by RapidFire

These pods include organic coffee, coconut oil, MCTs, grass-fed butter, and Himalayan salt. This coffee is packed with everything you need for a low carb diet.

However, if you're not following the keto diet and care about calories it has 100 calories per serving.

Plus those on the keto diet should be warned it has 3g of net carbs per serving, the most of all the pods. It is also not suitable for anyone following a plant-based diet. 

$1.00/pod when you buy 16 pods


5. The Original Roast Coffee Pods by Bulletproof

The keto coffee that started it all: Bulletproof. They were the first company to start making keto coffees and are a very popular choice.

These keto coffee pods contain delicious high-quality coffee from hand-picked beans. However, with no healthy fats contained within this coffee, it's simply a coffee.

The beans are entirely organic with no herbicides or pesticides and the coffee is a medium roast optimized to minimize toxins.

However, for UK readers these are K cups so they won't fit in your Nespresso machine and are only compatible with Keurig coffee machines.

$1.04/pod when you buy 24 pods 

Things to consider  

Whether your looking for keto coffee for the taste or as part of your keto diet, easy to use pods will make your life easier. However, it's important to check what brands are compatible with what machines.

In most countries you will most likely need a Nespresso compatible capsule for a Nespresso machine but if you're based in America you may need a K cup for a Keurig machine.  

Keto coffee works for so many people. There are many different ways to have your keto coffee. Pour over ice for summers day iced latte or add a small amount of hot foam for a rich macchiato. 

And it doesn't just have to be coffees, you can even use your keto coffee in recipes such as keto coffee smoothies or espresso fat bombs. 


By Alex Warmisham ANutr - Nutritionist at Rejuvenation Water 




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