How to make Keto Coffee (or experiment with a new coffee drink)

Keto Coffee Ice Latte

Starting your day right on a keto diet – or getting a mid-day boost – has never been easier. If you follow these simple steps to make the perfect keto coffee drink.

“Keto” was the most common food-related search on Google in 2020. With 25.4 million global searches! This shows how popular it's become.

The Ketogenic diet has actually been around since the 1920s, but it’s in recent times that it has overtaken other global food-management plans.

The basic principle of a Keto Diet is to avoid carbohydrates, manage protein and use quality fat sources to maintain energy levels and boost nutrition. For many keto converts, this is not simply a system of losing weight. They’re also attracted to the potential to become healthier and more illness resistant.

The challenge is often finding the best energy sources to replace carbohydrates effectively. Which takes us to the perfect coffee drink.
How can you still enjoy a beautifully roasted coffee grind in a delicious hot drink, while sticking to the world’s most popular diet plan?

We’re going to show you a great way to make delicious keto coffee for a morning boost, or for any time of day.

What’s the secret to the best keto coffee?

Before we get to how to make a perfect keto coffee, there’s a special ingredient in our Nespresso© pod alternatives that makes it especially easy to stick to the rules. While enjoying a burst of energy from your hot beverage.

That’s because one of the main components of great keto coffee is coconut oil. Or to be more precise coconut MCT oil.

Recipes for keto coffee sometimes suggest that you add this to your favourite, freshly ground coffee blend. That includes options for coffee drinks promoted by keto nutrition guru Bulletproof©.

Bulletproof© Coffee (sometimes referred to as Butter Coffee) has been drunk for more than a decade, perfectly demonstrating that this combination of ingredients provides delicious fuel for anyone looking for healthy lifestyle changes.

It saves you time and mess when you buy our medium-to-dark roast coffee pods, as the keto coffee blend already has Premium MCT oil in it.

So what is MCT oil?

It stands for medium-chain triglycerides. These are the easy to digest fatty acids found in coconuts, that make it such a great source of energy. You get the impact quickly, but the energy boost is also sustained. We use a combination of fast absorbing fatty acids C8 (57%) and C10 (43%).

This adds up to a great way to wake up, prepare for a workout, or recover after exercise. Or just revive yourself with coffee throughout a busy day.

Having coconut oil in your keto coffee is not only beneficial as it metabolises quickly. It also helps to curb cravings for food too. Win-win!

Pop a coffee pod from Rejuvenation Water into your machine, and within minutes you can sip a power-packed keto espresso.

Recipe for delicious keto coffee latte

Iced bulletproof coffee

It’s also simple to make a latte on a keto diet, using our Nespresso© compatible pods.

The ingredients you need are:

Our Nespresso© compatible Keto Coffee pod
• Cream or full-fat coconut milk
• Your favourite extract or spice (optional).

Want more healthy fats?

Add 1 or 2 tablespoons of butter or ghee – from a grass-fed source.
Why grass-fed butter? If you follow the keto diet, you probably know that grass-fed dairy is a purer form of fat, with zero carbs or sugars. It also has optimised quantities of vitamins A, D, E and K, as well as essential fatty acids.

Method of making Keto Latte

1. Drop one of our Nespresso© compatible Keto Coffee pods into your original Nespresso machine.

2. Choose 'espresso' setting.

3. Add heavy cream or whipped coconut milk.

Want an Iced Keto Latte?

Simply add ice to heavy cream/coconut milk and pour the Keto Coffee Nespresso© pod over the iced cream/milk.

You can personalise your keto coffee latte with an extract, such as vanilla, or a sprinkle of spice such as cinnamon or nutmeg. Anyone for an almond latte keto-style?

Coffee pods for vegans and weight watchers too

Our health pods for Nespresso© machines are not just the best way to make keto coffee. You can use them even when you just want a refreshing, revitalising vegan coffee beverage. Or, for weight management, paleo and low carb diets in general.

However, adding the butter does make this energy-packed coffee drink a great way to replace breakfast, and curb cravings and hunger pangs. Or, to simply experiment with alternative coffee beverages in the comfort of your own home.



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