The Best Bulletproof Coffee Alternatives

Bulletproof coffee are the staple of the keto diet but, for those who fancy a change, we review the best bulletproof coffee alternatives
Iced Bulletproof coffee

The Best Bulletproof Coffee Alternatives

Bulletproof coffee has ‘shot’ to global success. Here are the best Bulletproof coffee alternatives to create a beverage that matches your preferences and tastes.

Some things are delicious and nutritious in reality but on paper sound rather quirky. That’s certainly true for recipes for Bulletproof coffee, which put on a new spin on the world’s favourite beverage.

When the concept of Bulletproof coffee was first publicised, the idea of combining good quality coffee with grass-fed butter and MCT oil was an eye-opener. However, people quickly realised it was an impressive way to start your day with a measured energy boost. As well as an excellent way to skip breakfast, and feel full and perky for the rest of the morning too.

Bulletproof coffee is highly adaptable for a wide range of dietary preferences and lifestyles too. Particularly those following the keto diet of course, as it was invented for them.

No wonder Bulletproof Coffee is one of the fastest-growing recent trends in food and drink.

What is Bulletproof coffee?

In case this concept is new to you, the basic principle is that you stop using milk and sugar in your morning coffee drink. Instead, you replace these with no carb alternatives.

By adding butter or ghee and good quality coconut oil, healthy fatty acids provide you with a wonderful source of natural energy. It also makes this coffee drink filling, helping you to fight off food cravings.

Clearly, if you don’t like the idea of oil in your coffee – no matter how healthy a version it is - Bulletproof coffee may not be for you. Though try it and you might be surprised. Or, read on for ways to add extra flavour.

Making a quick Bulletproof coffee alternative

keto coffee pods

A convenient way to make a basic Bulletproof coffee is to use a Nespresso machine and one of our Keto Coffee capsules

One of the reasons this works so well is that we only include organic, medium-dark roast Brazilian Arabica beans in our blend. For a pleasurable and strong coffee flavour that sits well with the other ingredients in a Bulletproof Coffee.

It makes the process less messy too, as we've already included coconut oil in these Keto coffee pods. You will see this referred to by its formal title, Premium MCT oil. This means it’s a substance derived from coconuts that create sustainable energy.

Once the pod has brewed a delicious espresso, add butter (or a vegan alternative) to taste for the perfect Bulletproof coffee.

Bulletproof coffee for people with allergies

If you have caffeine intolerance or simply prefer a caffeine-free version of Bulletproof coffee, then simply use that grind to make your own. You could then combine it with coconut oil and butter as normal.

If you are lactose intolerant you can still use one of our keto coffee pods. Then, switch out the dairy butter for nut butter or some other plant-based alternative. You can add soy or nut milk to your Bulletproof coffee if you want a smoother version that’s still lactose-free and delicious.

Making a Bulletproof latte or cappuccino

Many people take the concept of a Bulletproof coffee and create their own version of a latte. It’s possible to do this with traditional cow’s milk of course or create a keto latte by using cream.

Vegetarians and vegans can use one of our keto coffee pods and coconut, nut or soy milk for their frothy or milky coffee drink.

Adding flavours to Bulletproof coffee

hands holding coffee pods

Another way to make your hot beverage ‘your own’ is to add an extract to your keto coffee pod and butter blend. Such as vanilla for added sweetness, or almond extract to enhance the nutty overtones.

You can also stir in or sprinkle a spice, such as ginger, turmeric or cinnamon.

Experimenting is easy with our Nespresso compatible keto coffee pods, as you can mix and match each time you use a convenient capsule.

Other ideas for Bulletproof coffee alternatives

You could play around with our other Nespresso-compatible pods - Matcha Nespresso pods are a great keto alternative to a Bulletproof coffee that doesn't include coffee. Matcha pods make quick and easy Matcha lattes giving you sustained energy without breaking ketosis

We hope this blog provides you with ‘good ammunition’ for a round of Bulletproof experimentation.



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