Ben John talks all things Fitness, Rugby and Nutrition

Former Ospreys and Wales U20's Centre, Ben John, had to cut his Rugby career short due to a succession of concussion injuries. Since then, having worked in London boutique gyms such as Manor, Ben has established himself as a renowned Personal Trainer with a specialism in rugby skills. He's also a Lululemon Ambassador. 
We have worked with Ben in the past, with his takeover of our Live Instagram Workout which was one of the hardest workouts that we have hosted. Check that out on our IGTV here.

Ben kindly shared his fitness and nutrition routines with our Founder, Kris.

Kris: Thanks for joining me today. Please introduce yourself and tell us a little about yourself.

Ben: I'm Ben John. Ex-Rugby Union professional. I’m currently a Personal trainer and Rugby Skills Coach, my focus is to develop the skill set, strength and fitness levels of all ages so that they can perform at their highest standard possible.

Kris: Please tell us a little more about your Rugby career and how that has influenced what you have doing now.

Ben: Well, I used to play for Ospreys and the Dragons and I was capped by Wales at Junior level. Unfortunately, I had to retire prematurely, 2 years ago due to concussion. It has taken me some time to fully recover from the symptoms and due to that reason I’m trying to help educate and raise awareness of those who have had head injuries.
Rugby and Fitness were my passion and I wanted to continue this, hence my move into helping with other people's fitness and skills.

Kris: Your story is inspiring, especially with turning adversity into opportunity. Let's talk Coronavirus, a topic we can't really avoid on a daily basis. How have you adjusted your business and training to manage through lockdown and even now in this 'new normal'?

Ben: I think a lot of people have changed routines through COVID-19. With gyms being closed and face to face contact being minimalised, Fitness and Personal Training was obviously impacted in a big way. I've done from offering just face to face sessions personal training to offering online individual and group coaching sessions. I've also been doing Live Zoom skill sessions for kids of all ages, to help with their skills, fitness and boredom during lockdown. I've also been hosting Live Instagram sessions for people to follow along. Even though, it wasn't ideal, it's been a lot of fun.

Kris: Awesome. I admire the hustle and dynamism for you to adjust and deal with what we are all experiencing. You touched upon routines. Please share some of your daily routines with us.

Ben: Due to my background of professional sport, I’m big on routine & structure. That structure is present in all areas of my life and, especially, in fitness and nutrition.
I aim to wake up the same time every day, 5.30am. I meditate every morning with 10 minutes of breath & vision work followed by a black coffee and a big glass of water.

Kris: Tell us a little about your nutrition routines around workouts.

Ben: Even my post gym sessions have a routine. I immediately consume a protein shake with a snack bar for the extra carbs and protein then rehydrate myself with a Rejuvenation Water. I find the cans very refreshing for post activity and its now part of my routine which I look forward to every day.

Kris: Great to hear. Which is your favourite Rejuvenation Water?

Ben: I absolutely love the Cherry and Cranberry flavour. I also recommend Rejuvenation to my clients who also love it post workout. 

Kris: Awesome. Thanks a lot for joining me and I'm looking forward to Sunday's workout

Ben will be taking over our Instagram for a Live Workout on Sunday 20th Sept. Join in or catch up on our IGTV at @rejuvenationwater
If you’d like to see more of what Ben does, head over to @therugbytrainer on instagram.

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