6 Benefits of Beetroot Health Shots

Beetroots have rightly earned their status as a superfood, but they can be tricky things to include in your weekly meal planning. Just one reason to explore six benefits of beetroot health shots!
Turmeric and Beetroot espresso
Beetroots have rightly earned their status as a superfood, but they can be tricky things to include in your weekly meal planning. Just one reason to explore six benefits of beetroot health shots!

Beetroots – and beetroot juice – are packed with important nutrients and health benefits. Let’s be honest though, they’re not the easiest vegetable to prepare or eat. Not least as they can stain anything they come into contact with! Though delicious, beetroot (or beets as they’re called in the USA) can also be slightly off-putting with their deep colour.

Thank goodness that you can now buy beetroot health shots. A quick, easy and highly palatable way to get all the benefits without the mess. You also get the added bonus of getting your beetroot blended with other healthy ingredients, such as turmeric.

Simply slot these biodegradable Nespresso pod alternatives into any standard machine, and produce an espresso-style cup of pure, plant-based goodness. Great to taste, but also a convenient method of enjoying the six important benefits you get from beetroot health shots.

Helps lower blood pressure and improves cardiac health

Beetroot is packed with a compound called organic nitrates. These work to relax and dilate blood vessels, helping your circulatory system to work more efficiently. The double bonus is the potential to lower blood pressure but also to boost energy levels (see below).

There have been some very promising clinical trials in the use of beetroot juice to treat hypertension.

Plus, there’s also evidence that it can reduce homocysteine, a chemical that in high levels makes artery damage and heart disease more likely.

Good for digestion

Downing beetroot health shots is a quick way to get your daily dose of plant-based nutrition, but it also simplifies the digestive process, making all the goodness instantly available.

Also, our beetroot immunity health pods contain prebiotic fibre, which supports good digestive health, and boosts your potential to stay ‘regular’!

Good source of other minerals

There are important vitamins in our beetroot health shots – including vitamin D that’s hard to get in the winter months. However, these handy pods are also an important source of minerals, including iron, magnesium, manganese, zinc, copper and selenium!

That’s quite a list, and each contributes to your health in vital ways.

Rejuvenation water health pods

Reducing inflammation and increasing immunity

Another of the benefits of beetroot health shots is the instant access they provide to amino acids. These act as a natural anti inflammatory. It’s one of the reasons we add wonderful turmeric into the blend too, as it increases this important health advantage.

Beetroot's antioxidants are linked to improved immunity to a wide range of illnesses.

Boosting athletic performance

B vitamins are the building blocks of the human body. One portion of Beetroot can give you a great dose of this nutrient, which also supports good red blood cell production and clearer brain functioning.

It’s just one of the elements of beetroot health shots that make them a great source of energy too. Not from a temporary sugar boost, but from improvements in your circulatory system. The better your blood system functions, the more oxygen travels to muscles.

This makes beetroot health shots particularly advantageous for athletes, sportspeople or anyone with a highly active, labour-intensive job.

One study in the Journal of Applied Physiology reported a substantial improvement in high-intensity performance after participants drank beet juice. This suggested that the best time to get your pre-exercise stamina-boost from a beetroot shot is just before you start.

Glowing Skin

The fact beetroot contains antioxidants means it helps us to fight free radicals, which can damage cells anywhere, including on our facial skin.

Beetroot also helps to detox your liver, boosting its ability to filter out toxins, which in turn improves skin health.

Plus, beetroot health shots contain 50% of your recommended daily dose of vitamins C (and vitamin D). So, two shots and you’re covered for the day!

The role Vitamin C plays in skin health has been understood for many years. It’s responsible for stimulating the production of collagen, the substance that smooths and heals your skin, therefore combating the signs of ageing.

Testing the taste and advantages of beetroot health shots

Many customers agree with us that drinking beetroot health shots is not just about getting all the nutritional value in a convenient form. Our Nespresso pods are also delicious!

If you want to sample how good they taste – and the good they do YOUR body – then it’s recommended you send for our 10-pod starter pack. Though keep in mind that some health benefits develop over time, making a 30-pod pack of beetroot health shots a wise investment.

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