Are matcha lattes vegan?

If you've just started following the vegan diet you may be wondering what of your favourite food and beverages you can eat.
Are matcha lattes vegan?

As the vegan diet grows in popularity, many people are unsure what of their favourite meals and beverages are vegan. For matcha lovers the question is ' are matcha lattes vegan?'


What does being vegan mean?

Someone who follows the vegan diet does not eat any food derived from animals and typically does not use other animal products either. 


This means thats foods that contain meat, dairy or eggs are unsuitable for someone following the vegan diet. 


Is matcha vegan?

Firstly, to answer this question we should work out if matcha is vegan. 


Matcha is a type of green tea made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. A delicate and extensive process, from harvesting to grinding, is what makes matcha tea so special and brimming with nutritional value. 

You can read more on how matcha teas is made here


So now we know that matcha tea is made from a plant and the whole process doesn't involve any animals, we can safely answer yes to the question 'is matcha tea vegan?'. 

Are matcha lattes vegan?

What is matcha latte made of? 

When thinking are matcha lattes vegan, the next step is working out what is matcha latte made of. 


A matcha latte is made of matcha powder, mixed with hot water and steamed milk.

Our Nespresso compatible matcha pods are vegan and take the stress and mess out of making matcha lattes. Plus they have added B-vitamins and prebiotic fibre that isn't in regular matcha.  


So as we know the matcha pods are vegan and of course the hot water is vegan, the only element that means a matcha latte may not be vegan is the milk..


If you add cow's milk to your matcha latte then it will not be vegan. 

However, you can make a matcha latte vegan if you use milk alternatives. This could be oat milk, soy milk, almond milk, coconut milk, etc. This is because they are all made from plants and no animals are involved in the process of making them. 


Are Matcha Lattes Vegan?

So, to answer the question 'are matcha lattes vegan?', you can answer yes as long as you are using dairy free milk alternatives.


To be on the safe side, you could have a matcha espresso instead, as rejuvenation water's matcha pods are 100% vegan. 

Are matcha lattes vegan?
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