Amino Acids: Definition, Benefits and Sources

If you were wondering why our healthy Nespresso coffee-alternative and refreshing waters are so popular, one of the reasons is because they are packed full of body boosting goodness. Including amino acids. And if you're not sure why amino acids are important, don't worry, we explain it all in this article.
Orange Essential Amino Acid Drink
Finding ways to improve your health with what you eat and drink can be really confusing. With constantly changing nutrition advice and fads it's hard to know what's really worth trying and what's just 'click-bait'. 

Marketing claims and complicated ingredient lists on packaging can leave you baffled and feeling like you need a science degree to make healthy choices.

So, we want to make your life easier when it comes to finding the best alternative to coffee drinks, sugary energy drinks and chemical-laced waters. By providing you with jargon-free insights into why hot and cold drinks containing Amino Acids are such a ‘wise buy’.

What are amino acids, and why are they such a key factor in our healthy drinks range?

Definition of amino acids

Essential Amino Acid Drink

The human body is made up of protein – which is why we need to constantly replenish our levels with the food we consume. There are thousands of different types of protein in our structure, and the building blocks behind them are called amino acids. These organic compounds support protein and enable it to carry out its vital work.

Amino acids also help other important physiological functions. Such as the production of the hormones and chemical messengers (neurotransmitters) that keep us healthy and active.

So, with a total of 24 amino acids it’s important that we consume as many of them from food and drinks containing such as our Rejuvenation Water drinks. 

*Ginger & Lime 1.8g of sugar per 100g (from natural fruit juice) vs Lucozade Sport Orange 3.6g of sugar per 100ml (from glucose syrup)*

More on how our body uses amino acids

Apple Amino Acid Drink
When you consume protein your body breaks this down to extract the amino acids. Then, these organic substances are put to work. They go off to build muscle, for instance, or to regulate our immune system. Or, their specific role might be in supporting our metabolism, energy creation or the repair and growth of skin cells.

If you don’t have sufficient amino acids from what you eat and drink, it can impact your digestive, immune and reproductive systems.

Whereas if you take steps to get extra amounts, you can feel the difference. You may well get an improved sleep pattern, better skin health and a boosted level of energy for example.

One research project found that by consuming amino acids after a workout, it was possible to enjoy a 22% greater increase in muscle protein creation! (source: Healthline)

All amino acids can help you with weight management and recovery from prolonged illness and inactivity too.

There is even evidence that getting plenty of amino acids improves your mood.

Benefits of getting amino acids from health drinks

Orange Amino Acid Drink

As they are so closely woven with protein, it’s not surprising that sources of amino acids include meat and eggs.

That can make it hard to get enough if you are vegetarian, vegan or simply prefer a mainly plant-based diet. However, things like quinoa, mushrooms, legumes and beans are also a great source.

Fortunately, we know the best sources of amino acids from the world of Botanics, that taste delicious in a drink.

This means everyone can get a healthy dose of these organic compounds quickly and easily, by consuming them in delicious drink form.

Rejuvenation Water offers a pure, flavoured spring water range, which uses fruits and natural flavourings such as mint and ginger. Each one of the sparkling and still waters contains a highly beneficial amount of amino acids

Our Nespresso compatible Immunity Health Pods are a wonderful source too (as well as being a great alternative to coffee).

To see for yourself how easy it is to get amino acids into your diet – the delicious way – why not order a variety pack of natural and pure spring waters.




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