5 reasons for choosing Nespresso coffee pods over regular coffee

Two heavy hitters. In the red corner, Nespresso. In the blue corner, regular drink at home coffee. Let's see who comes out on top.
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5 reasons for choosing Nespresso coffee pods over regular coffee

Sipping that first cup of coffee really makes our day, doesn’t it? But thinking of grinding and tamping coffee beans, extracting by the coffee maker, and cleaning up all the mess in the morning before going to the office or hitting the gym can be daunting. The traditional espresso brewing process has a lot of things to consider and can take years before we perfect the process like a professional barista. This is where coffee pods come into play. You can relax and enjoy a cup full of rich fresh coffee without worrying about ending up making a mediocre coffee.

Many don't realise but Nespresso wasn't a recent revelation. Nespresso was actually founded back in 1986 when an engineer spotted an opportunity to create an easy, barista style coffee at home. 

Since then, Nespresso machines have become a staple for kitchens all over the World. Covid-19 has only helped this trend with many stuck at home, unable to head to the local barista. Instead, they upgraded their home coffee by buying a Nespresso machine. 

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But what is all the fuss about. These tiny aluminium pods (or now, for the better, compostable Nespresso pods) packed with ground coffee have captured the imagination of coffee lovers all over the World.

Here's 5 reasons why Nespresso is better than regular coffee

1. Nespresso is lightning fast

Mornings can be very busy if you have to reach work early or hit the gym before work making it difficult to squeeze in time to brew a cup of good coffee. A coffee pod can save you a lot of time yet provide a cup of consistently good premium coffee with crema. You plug a pod inside a Nespresso machine and your coffee will be ready in under one minute.

If you prefer coffee done by a professional barista, a Nespresso compatible pod will save you even more time as you don’t have to go out and stand in long queues at Starbucks every time you want a cup of good coffee. You can get it sitting right at your home, any time of the day.

2. No mess to clean up

The traditional method of brewing coffee can be surprisingly messy involving a lot of equipment thus, taking longer to clean up afterward. Coffee pods can help you here as they leave much less mess to clean. Unlike traditional coffee machines, there is no spillage, tamping, emptying, and coffee grinds left on the machine to be cleaned up afterward. All the mess is contained within the single coffee pod for easy removal and recycling.

3. Nespresso keeps coffee for longer

It is always advised to keep coffee beans and ground coffee fresh and airtight to preserve the flavour and aroma. With normal coffee, both start to get lost as soon as it is opened. A coffee pod can easily solve this problem, thanks to the individual airtight packaging that ensures the flavour is always maintained. The seal is broken right at the moment of use which guarantees freshness with every cup. Moreover, an unopened coffee pod can stay fresh for up to 18 months saving you from the worry of keeping it airtight.

4. Nespresso is not instant coffee

If you are not ready to trade the flavour of finely ground coffee beans for fast instant coffee, here is some good news for you. Despite being super fast, coffee pods do not contain instant, soluble coffee. Each pod contains finely ground coffee beans. It is quite amazing that water is passed through the coffee at high pressure to brew perfect strong coffee instantly loaded with the freshness of ground coffee beans.

5. Coffee and more

Why be restricted to only coffee when you can do more with your Nespresso machine? A regular coffee machine can only brew a good cup of coffee for you while a Nespresso machine provides you with a variety of options. There are a plethora of coffee pod options to choose from based on your preference, lifestyle, fitness goals, etc. Our Nespresso pods come in keto coffee and decaf keto coffee variations to keep your fitness goals in check.

Not a coffee person or trying to cut on the number of coffees per day? Don’t worry. Our Nespresso machines can now do Matcha with the Rejuvenation Water Matcha pod that produces fresh matcha without the mess in seconds.



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