3 Benefits of Keto Coffee

This blog outlines why our Nespresso compatible keto coffee pods are so popular and the key benefits they provide for those who are following the Ketogenic diet.
Bulletproof coffee

Whether you are following the ketogenic diet or not, our keto coffee Nespresso capsules have added health benefits compared to just plain coffee. 

Fully compostable and plant-based, makes them a great Nespresso pod alternative that is not only better for you but also the environment. 

Our keto coffee Nespresso compatible pods are made using 100% Brazilian arabica coffee beans, blended with MCT oil.

MCT (medium-chain triglyceride) oil is a natural ingredient made of fatty acids extracted from coconuts.

This is the key ingredient as to why our coffee pods are so special and have many benefits.

Coconut oil

3 Benefits of Keto Coffee

1. Energy

Our Nespresso compatible keto coffee pods not only provide an instant energy source but a long lasting one without the dreaded caffeine crash.

The higher fat content slows down digestion meaning the caffeine is absorbed into the blood stream at a slower rate, providing longer lasting energy. Along with this, the shorter chain length of MCTs are metabolised and used in the body quicker than other fats.

This means the MCT oil is instantly used as a source of energy and converted to ketones. This is very beneficial for the keto diet because it provides you with a quick easy breakfast that won't spike your blood sugar levels but gives you the energy you need to start the day. 

2. Satiety  

When following the keto diet you can only have 20-30g net carbs a day.

This can restrict meal sizes as most carb foods provide bulk to a meal making you feel full.

However, our keto coffee pods can make you feel fuller for longer due to the appetite suppressing effects of the caffeine and the feeling of satiety that fat provides. This occurs due to the stimulation of satiety hormones, leptin and cholecystokinin, being secreted into the bloodstream.

For anyone following the keto diet this is beneficial as it will help reduce cravings, keep you satisfied untill your next meal and stop you from breaking your diet. 

3. Weight loss 

Energy is not the only benefit of our keto coffee pods containing MCT oil, there is also weight loss.

Research has shown that MCT oil can help induce and maintain the body in a state of ketosis (where your body burns fats stores for energy and not glucose).

This then leads to weight loss, usually at a very fast rate, which is often the main goal for people following the keto diet. It can also help with the prevention of keto-flu as it elevates the symptoms during the initial transition to burning fat.  

What is Bulletproof coffee?

Often people following the keto diet make bulletproof coffee (aka Butter coffee) which is a drink that combines coffee, MCT oil and butter/ghee (or a similar, plant-based, high fat product if you're vegan).

However, Bulletproof coffees have got a bad reputation for their long preparation time and blending of specialised ingredients (MCT oil).

As our Nespresso compatible keto coffee pods already contain MCT oil, they can be enjoyed at the push of a button. From this, butter (or a plant-based alternative) can easily be added for an extra boost of fat. 


By Alex Warmisham ANutr - Nutritionist at Rejuvenation Water


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